How to age gracefully

In the eternal quest for youth preservation, more and more people are having facelifts, laser resurfacing, chemical and fruit peels, dermabrasion and botox injections, to name a few. What all these procedures have in common is they treat the “symptoms” rather than the cause of premature ageing. Like the body, the face and skin reveal the effects of many influences, both internal and external, as well as the natural process of ageing. If the underlying conditions causing early ageing continue, the rejuvenating effects of these procedures will not be long lasting. A much more potent rejuvenation program would be to learn how to age gracefully and skilfully.

Wellness centres and their anti-aging skincare treatments and day spas are becoming increasingly popular around the world. This new approach to beauty and wellbeing stems from the realisation that it’s not just the body that needs nurturing, but also the mind and soul. Besides the relaxation, pampering and feel-good services offered in these establishments, other dimensions are being introduced such as therapeutic skin treatments and rejuvenation technology as well as spiritual and emotional counselling. These treatments are much safer, longer lasting and as effective as any invasive procedure. They work by unlocking the power of the body’s natural healing force that allows the body, mind and sprit to rejuvenate themselves.

Besides capturing the anti-aging skincare benefits of these new-generation rejuvenation treatments by having sessions from a professional, you can also practise your own do-it-yourself natural beauty and facelift routines in the comfort of your own home. Anyone can give themselves a natural facelift by embracing a holistic approach of sensible skincare routines, spiritual and healing rituals, pleasant-to-use home treatments and a healthy lifestyle. If you choose to follow this approach with consistency and perseverance you will gradually notice some of the benefits of natural anti-aging skincare:

  • Your complexion becomes clearer and more even toned.
  • Your skin is smoother and more resilient.
  • Your whole face looks fresher and toned.
  • Facial marks are cleared.
  • And most importantly, you feel empowered to face future with confidence, having the power in your own hands.

Life force, chi or qi is the foundation of beauty, health and vitality. Everyone has chi, and it can be enhanced by living in harmony and looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing. A nutritious diet, relaxation, and physical and mental fitness all promote good health, which maintains healthy chi. Massage, acupressure and reiki can all be used to improve chi circulation throughout the body, especially in the face. Chi, or energy, is the source for all healing and rejuvenation. When chi is depleted we experience the signs of premature ageing throughout the whole body. Diminished chi is manifested most prominently in the face in the following ways:

  • The skin loses it elasticity and is prone to wrinkles.
  • Facial tension leads to muscle and tissue restriction causing poor muscle and skin tone.
  • Facial markings and wrinkles from weak internal organs appear.
  • Skin and complexion takes on unhealthy appearance and the face becomes bloated and fatigued.

Anti-aging Chi facial massage

The regular application of Chi facial massage will keep your face fit and youthful. By practising the following simple routine once or twice a week you can preserve your face naturally.

  1. Sit in a quite place, relax, and rub your palms together until they become warm.
  2. Place your palms over your ears. Keep your hands in this position and take four deep breaths.
  3. Rub your palms until they become warm and apply palms to your cheeks. Hold your hands in this position and take four deep breaths.
  4. Keep your hands on your cheeks. Gently lift the cheeks up and then release. Repeat three times.
  5. Keep your hands on your cheeks and move them in a clockwise direction three times, then in an anticlockwise direction three times.
  6. Rub your palms until they become warm. Close your eyes and place your palms over them. Hold in this position and take four deep breaths.
  7. Keep your eyes closed and use your index, middle and ring fingers to press gently below the eyebrows. Then massage with a circular motion from the inside to the outside. Gently press the bone underneath the eyes. Repeat four times.
  8. Keep your eyes closed and very lightly press the front of your eyeballs with the tips of your fingers. Repeat four times.
  9. Close both eyes and use the thumbs and index fingers to pinch the eyebrows.

  10. Clench both hands in a loose fist and use the thumbs to press the temples.
  11. Use your thumb and index fingers to hold the bridge of your nose. Lift firmly, hold and
    release quickly.

  12. Massage the nose up and down in a circular motion.
  13. Massage the upper lip by moving the tips of middle fingers down in a vertical line. Repeat on lower lips.
  14. Massage upper lip with index and middle fingers with a circular motion, starting from the centre. Repeat on the lower lip.
  15. Place your index, middle and ring fingers underneath cheekbones near the nose and press gently, lift and release couple of times. Massage in a circular motion for one minute.
  16. Use your four fingertips to press firmly on the corner of your jaw. Apply circular-motion massage and rub these points for one minute.

  17. Sweep the ears from the top to the bottom of the ear lobes. Pull the ear lobes gently downwards.
  18. Use your index finger on the right hand to press firmly underneath the lower lip with the thumb pressing the hollow spot under chin. At the same time use your thumb of the left hand to press firmly underneath your Adam’s apple.
  19. Rub your palms until they become warm then place them at the back of your neck.
  20. Rub your palms until they became warm and sweep the whole face a couple of times.

Anti-aging Meditation

In addition to massage, you need to balance your emotions for lasting beauty and vitality. The key to looking and feeling good is to maintain peak chi. A person’s energy level can vary due to daily events, emotions and physical ailments. However, in cases of chronic emotional stress, nervous exhaustion, overwork and illness, your chi might become depleted and the energy flow throughout your body restricted. Diminished chi is the basis of premature ageing, sagging face and wrinkled skin. Also, specific emotions can have negative effects on particular organs. The following beauty and rejuvenation meditation practice will allow you to clear out your negative emotional energy and restore chi.

  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable in a quite place.
  • Relax every muscle in your body from head to toe.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Visualise a serene, smiling face.
  • Focus on the third eye as you breathe deeply.
  • Visualise energy spiralling through your body. Inhale the energy through the third eye.
  • Send love to your heart. Feel it open with love and joy.
  • Return your focus to your third eye.
  • Send love to all your organs individually and thank them.
  • Concentrate energy on your third eye and send love and thanks to your whole body.

Youthful insides

When negative emotions cause stress and blockages in particular organs it’s essential for you to remove this negative energy in order to maintain natural beauty. Each organ has a particular negative emotion associated with it and you can use breath and colour visualisation to release this destructive energy.

Lungs and large intestine

Common skin conditions associated with lungs and large intestine disharmony include skin blemishes, muddy complexion, enlarged pores, sallow skin, facial puffiness and fatigue. Lung energy fills you with purity, courage, forgiveness and generosity. Negative qualities of this energy include grief, sadness and resentment. To balance these organs, relax, close your eyes and visualise your lungs, sending love to them. With each breath imagine your lungs are becoming clearer and glowing with a bright white light. Feel the exchange of pure fresh energy replacing cloudy dark energy. Regular practice of clearing your lungs will help relieve sadness and depression.

Liver and gallbladder

Liver and gallbladder disturbances can be projected on the skin as blemishes, acne, skin sensitivity, dryness, sluggish muscles and a sagging face. The heart and liver are the organs most troubled by negative emotions. Prolonged frustration, resentment and anger can build up and attack the liver. Procrastination and timid indecisiveness might also indicate disharmony in these organs. To balance, close your eyes, visualise your liver and send love to it. Breathe into your liver and with each exhalation imagine anger and stagnation being cleared out. Picture a bright green light healing and rejuvenating your liver.

Heart and small intestine

The heart is the home of the spirit and governs chi (energy) and blood circulation, as well as generating mental clarity and emotional moods. Cruelty and impatience are the negative emotions associated with the heart. If you have abundant heart energy, you will be blessed with an everlasting radiant glow and a smooth complexion. Symptoms of heart and small intestine dysfunction can present on the skin as red broken capillaries, dryness and wrinkled skin. To balance, send unconditional love to your heart and imagine your heart radiating with a bright red light that warms and heals the whole body. Breathe into your heart and feel the joy and happiness.

Kidneys and bladder

When the kidneys and bladder energies are out of balance it can manifest as a dark complexion with pigmented patches on the face as well as facial swelling and lack of skin elasticity. The kidneys control the emotions of fear and willpower and are connected to the adrenal glands. To balance, close your eyes and send love and energy into your kidneys. You can also visualise a bright blue light glowing in these organs.

Spleen and stomach

If there’s imbalance in these organs the skin can appear muddy, with impurities, facial puffiness and poor muscle and skin tone. Worry and toxins can have a negative effect on these organs. To balance, close your eyes and send love to your spleen, stomach and pancreas. Visualise a bright yellow light radiating through these organs, purifying and soothing them.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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