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senior man in gym working out with weights

How to improve exercise motivation in older adults

Older adults benefit from regular exercise, but it can be difficult for them to stay motivated. A sedentary lifestyle has many negative outcomes for mental and physical health so it’s important for older adults to remain active. Resistance training is recommended for older adults at least twice a week as it can maintain and increase muscle strength and […]


Rasasara Skinfood Chandra Revitalising Oil

Anti-ageing vitamins A, B, C, E plus essential fatty acid rich oils & precious essential oils of rose maroc & frankincense strengthen & heal dry, inflamed or blemished skin With such an impressive profile of organic oils rich in EFAs and vitamins that work in combination with ‘precious’ essential oils (also anti-aging & anti-inflammatory) its […]


Rasasara Skinfood Rasa Aloe Serum

Anti-ageing, soothing, cooling & detoxifying. Apply to treat premature ageing, inflammation, (including sunburn), acne rosacea, rashes, mild abrasions, eczema & breakouts. An aloe vera based anti – ageing facial serum. Enhanced with Liposomes, the collagen building proteins naturally present in aloe vera are carried directly to the skins cellular membrane & released directly into the […]


Rasasara Skinfood Vata Body Nourishing Oil

An excellent moisturiser containing powerful anti-aging nutrients, (sesamol & Vitamin E) black sesame oil is warming, detoxifying & rich in fatty acids. Applied to the skin this oil promotes repair & regrowth of skin cells – reducing fine lines & resolving dryness. Also renowned for its ability to neutralise vata disorders & therefore clear chronic […]