Do men perform better than women in dynamic exercises?

written by Meena Azzollini

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When it comes to static exercises also known as isometrics, where joints don’t move, women get less tired than men. But is that true for more dynamic exercises and for everyday movement? Can women outlast men?

To find out, researchers from the University of British Columbia at Okanagan conducted a study in collaboration with University of Guelph and University of Oregon, Dalton.

What the researchers found is that men are more powerful and are faster at first but they soon get fatigued – faster and sooner than women.

They recruited eight men and nine women who had similar levels of physical fitness and similar age.

The participants were asked to flex their foot against a sensor rapidly 200 times. The rate of torque development, rate of velocity development, and rate of neuromuscular activation generated by movement along with electrical activity of their muscles was captured and recorded.

The researchers chose to measure foot movement as it makes use of calf muscles at the back of the leg which is essential of everyday practical activities such as walking and standing.

What they found is that men are more powerful and are faster at first but they soon get fatigued – faster and sooner than women.

The researchers believe that they will get similar results with other muscles groups based on other previous studies which have shown the same such as a study on ultra-trials where men completed the trial faster but women were considerably less tired by then end.

The findings of this study will help design exercise programs or adapt work environment to minimise fatigue and improve overall productivity.

While this is not a competition between men and women, the answer is inconclusive that women will outlast men significantly in natural movement and dynamic physical activity.

Source: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism

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