The Jason Statham Workout

You may have seen Jason Statham in the movies Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Crank, Transporter (1,2 and 3), The Bank Job, Death Race and War. You may also have noticed that Statham has become increasingly lean and muscular of late. He has shared the details of the gruelling Jason Statham workout with Men’s Health magazine and although the individual components are nothing new, the combination makes for a fat blasting, muscle carving workout that will leave you standing (or laying) in a pool of sweat!

Statham explains that the two key things to remember are:

– Record all workouts so you can monitor your progress and strive for improvement.

– Mix it up so that you are never doing the same workout twice!

The Jason Statham Workout:

Part 1: 10 minute warm-up

Statham uses a rowing machine for his warm-up, but you could also use an elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, stepper or even go for a run outdoors.

Part 2: 10 minutes at medium intensity

Choose one, or combine the following:

– Heavy lifting: 5 reps, using a heavy weight, of an exercise that spans multiple joints.  E.g. Squat, deadlift, clean.

– High repetition/Low weights: Complete a circuit of bodyweight or light weight exercises. E.g. Push-ups, lunges, dumbbell shoulder press, barbell bench press, abdominal crunches. This circuit may also include kettlebell exercises.

Part 3: Interval training.

– Choose 6 of the following: 20 x Weighted step-ups, 8x Pull-ups, 20 x Hanging knee-raises, 20 x Burpees, 3 x 20m of Bear crawl (Crawl on all fours, face down), 3 x 20m Farmer’s walk (Hold a heavy weight in each hand as you walk), 20 x ball slams (throw a weighted medicine ball forcefully to the ground and repeat), 20 x Front squats.

Statham also follows a 2000 calorie diet consisting of six smalls meals a day, avoiding refined sugars and flour, and writes down every single thing he eats in a food journal.

The Jason Statham workout is not for everyone, but is sure to get the heart racing and the muscles burning! Make sure you consult a doctor before commencing an exercise program.

Felicity Daley

Felicity Daley

As a personal trainer, Felicity's philosophy is to take a balanced approach. Health is multifaceted and fitness means something different to every individual. A combination of muscular strength, physical endurance, agility and coordination, stability, nutrition, rest and mental and emotional wellbeing is essential in a well-rounded lifestyle. Felicity's aim is help you to achieve your goals in these areas by offering the support, motivation and information needed to do so!

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