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Anti aging & mice

A recent anti aging study suggests a new telomerase drug may one day be able to fight age related diseases in humans too.  A study was conducted by researcher Ronald DePhino. His sample – a group of decrepit, prematurely aged lab mice. Their ages were equivalent to 80 year old humans and they were about to pass away. Yet after the study, physically, they were the equivalent of young adults.

Dephino and his colleagues were able to achieve the following anti aging results:

  • Reversal of the mice’s age related brain disease
  • Sense of smell restored
  • Regeneration of shrunken spleens, testes & brains
  • Mice began to produce new neurons including sperm
  • They went on to have typical life span, though they didn’t live longer than normal mice

How did Dephino and his colleagues achieve these anti aging results?

The use of an estrogen based drug. This drug switched on a gene that produces telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that safeguards your DNA from the aging process. Telomerase protects DNA at the end of chromosomes and prevents it from being frayed. The Wall Street Journal compares Telomerase to the plastic tips on the end of shoelaces. This drug was provided to the mice in the form of a time-release pellet – after a month the mice were fighting fit, or so to speak.

Is this the answer to anti aging?

This could be the answer anti aging is looking for, especially in regard to age related diseases in humans. However, there are inherent risks involved here. Telomerase is known for its relationship to cancer growth – up to 90% of human cancers require certain levels of this enzyme for their tumor cells to continuously divide – the use of the drug to promote anti aging could be counterproductive and contradictory to the attempts of cancer research targeting to deactivate telomerase. The only saving grace is that this enzyme can be active temporarily. So while it could be an answer to our anti aging efforts, don’t discount the importance the role of an active lifestyle and balanced diet can play. When it comes to anti aging there is really no quick fix. Adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle early on is a way to help reduce chances of age related disease and maintain optimal health.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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