Bodily efficiency.. just hold it in until your spreadsheet is done..

Ok, picture this.. you’re cracking out your next business plan in a state of high focus… it’s 3pm, the phone keeps ringing but you pick right up just where you left off.. it’s 4pm, your 4th cup of tea has gone cold on the desk.. it’s 5pm, the phone keeps ringing but you hold steady..6pm, aaahhh the formulas aren’t working.. 7pm.. finally, as the cleaners arrive you finish.  THAT’S when you realise you haven’t peed for 8 hours, you’re parched, starving, and your back keeps that computer-curve for the first few steps you make as you calmly pretend you aren’t dashing for the bathroom.  Not that anyone would notice, because the sane people have gone home.

Ok, now picture 20 years of this and you’ll see why The-Dark-Mistress-Of –Denial needs to get a grip of the fact she does actually live in a real human body.

The goals I’ve set aren’t all about stress relief, but when I look at them it’s clear that my  choices, particularly creative/work choices are a factor.  Car-commuting, Blogging, a social life that revolves around food and wine – these things are apparently bad for weight-loss… who’d have thunk it? And I don’t want to give up any of this stuff.  It works for me…

The very thought of becoming a superwoman is still stressing me out… what shall I give up for all the exercise Ill be doing?  It’s early days but it seems like my finding extra linear time-slots like neat segments in the Filofax of someone-with-not-enough-on, won’t actually happen.  It’s time for Plan B – getting a different sense of “being” out of the time (life) I have.  I need to revision life — not as a bunch of hours in which stuff sequentially gets done but more chaotically like Stephen Hawkings space-time fabric.. with ripples and folds and places to hide.  Would slipping down a worm-hole be so bad anyway?  Maybe it’s a picnic blanket pocketed with little patches of “now” waiting to be discovered like chocolate crème eggs that escaped the picnic basket .. finding time seems easier already.  In the words of the great sneaker manufacturer – just do it.


The Dark Mistress Of Denial

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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