Homeopathic Carcinosinum

The homeopathic remedy Carcinosinum, also called Carcinosin, is made from breast cancer tissue. It is a homeopathic nosode and shows a picture of cancer miasm – said to be an equal proportion of the 3 miasms mixed……the stubbornness of Sycosis, weakness of Psora, and destruction of luetic.

Patients fitting the description of this remedy have an appearance of pale or coffee coloured skin. The Schlera are blue, and there is grimacing or constant blinking of the eyes. Lots of moles, naevi, especially black macules (discoloured skin spot, as opposed to papule), and inverted nipples.

There is a high incidence of Cancer, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, leukaemia, and Pernicious Anaemia throughout the family.

Carc patients may have had severe incidences of Whooping Cough, Croup, Glandular Fever, Pneumonia, Rheumatic Fever, Bronchitis, All pox diseases, Anorexia Nervosa, Herpes I and II, Vaccinations, and “Never well since” especially where there is a strong reaction of it didn’t take.

The mental picture is that of Perfectionism. Dr Rajan Sankaran, consulting Homeopath and an eminent teacher of classical homeopathy, says “The situation of Carc is that of a child with a strict upbringing. The parents insist that the child should be perfect. These children have good manners, they behave themselves and are not mischievous. The Carc person is heavily controlled by the person on whom he depends.”

“They are very conscious of good taste and desire perfection in everything. Being neat and clean is not enough – it must be perfect – they are neurotic about it”. So it’s about what other people will think, they have to be seen to be perfect.

Related to the desire for perfection and a sensitive nature makes him very sensitive to reprimands. Also out of this comes anticipatory anxiety. Sankaran says, “If they organise a party, they are not so much concerned that the party should get going as that everything should be perfect. Sometimes this can be so extreme that they become suicidal.”

There is however, much more to Carcinosium, and homeopathy, that I could possibly fit here, and so Carc should only be taken if you have a crystal clear picture of Carcinosinum! Always consult your experienced  practitioner.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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