Homeopathic Opium

Traditionally, all homeopathic discussions of Opium begin with warnings against its allopathic use because it masks the true homeopathic symptoms of the case. Hahnemann points out that Opium in its provings was the only remedy which did not produce a single painful reaction. In the 1960’s, a popular phrase was invented which describes very well the Opium state: “Blissed out”. This phrase indicates a dream-like, peaceful and euphoric state which mimics the effect of all opiates. However in the secondary action of Opium, the prover experiences just the opposite of this painlessness: many pains and hyperaesthesias both physical and mental. Both sides of these proved reactions are exhibited in clinical practice.

Opium cases are not always “Blissed out”. In one state the patient is hurried and intense. The patient has great desire for work and carries out tasks rapidly and with an extremely clear mind. If the patient exhausts his resources, an opposite state of confusion, somnolence and dullness occurs. These two sates may also alternate within the same patient.

While dreaminess and euphoria are the typical mental characteristics, fear is the opposing state to which Opium patients are subject. In acute conditions, Opium may rouse from the stupor with marked fright. Likewise, Opium is one of our main remedies in ailments brought on by fright.

Many homeopathic authors comment on the lack of conscience in Opium or heroin addicts who will lie or steal for the drug. Opium has been recommended therefore in patients who are amoral and in children who develop morals rather late.

Physically, Opium is commonly used in neurological conditions such as narcolepsy, convulsions, delirium, and strokes.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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