The Magic of Meditation

Despite being aware of all the health benefits of meditating, I struggled with it for many years. After many failed attempts I realised that I needed some help. I bought CD’s, went to workshops and signed up to meditation courses. Even then, I still struggled to make it part of my daily routine.

During a coaching session one evening, it dawned on me that the reason I was resisting so much was because I was trying to do it ‘right’. I was trying to control the session, to force the relaxation and to stop all the thoughts that kept entering my mind. Afterwards I felt anything but relaxed! I felt like a failure each time!

After this realisation, I was able to approach the idea of meditation with less pressure and expectation. Instead of trying to block out and control my thoughts, I learned to accept them. Anytime I was distracted by my thoughts I refocused on my breathing. I slowly started to introduce mantras and affirmations into my meditation sessions.

Anytime I was distracted by my thoughts I refocused on my breathing.

My favourite mantra was the Ho’oponopono – ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.’ The Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, was a complete game changer for me. Over and over I would use this prayer, not only in my meditation sessions but also during the day when I found myself stressed, scared or unsettled.

I found that as a result I was:

  • quite peaceful even in difficult situations
  • more confident
  • more compassionate
  • more grateful and appreciative
  • easily and calmly solving any problems that came my way

I started to love meditation and I looked forward to my sessions. It was at this stage however that I felt that I needed to meditate in silence. This took my meditation practice to a whole new level. I would sit in silence and just ‘be’. It was here in this peaceful, surreal state that I found all the answers to my questions.  Thoughts, ideas and solutions would come to me – all I had to do was ask. If the answer didn’t come straight away, it usually came within a day or two. All I had to do was be aware.  I became more intuitive and connected. My life began to flow beautifully and effortlessly.

My advice to you?

If you are ready to learn about the magic of meditation, try it today. You won’t be sorry! Go easy on yourself, get rid of all expectation and just go with it. There is no right or wrong. Start meditating for 5, 10 or 15 min a day, whatever feels right for you. Your life will never be the same again!

Georgette McHaileh

Georgette McHaileh

Georgette McHaileh is a success coach with a background in science and is passionate about natural health and wellbeing. She offers coaching to people who have lost direction and a sense of themselves. She has helped her clients discover a meaningful and fulfilling life filled with abundance and joy! She is a mum to two beautiful teenagers and the wife to her first and only love.

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