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The olive tree: Nature’s ancient source of wellness

Olive tree

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The olive tree has been used medicinally and as a prominent food source over many continents for centuries. It has even been reported that Neolithic peoples from the Mediterranean region cultivated the olive tree as far back as 8000BCE, so it’s no surprise that the Mediterranean diet has recently been named the healthiest diet.

The Mediterranean diet is described as a lifestyle full of fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO).

EVOO is the main fat source and cooking medium in the Mediterranean diet. Using EVOO in cooking and preparing food has been shown to increase consumption and improve the taste of vegetables and legumes, leading to a more nutritious and antioxidant-rich diet. No wonder there is so much research surrounding EVOO and other products sourced from the olive tree.

The Olive Wellness Institute is leading the way in olive health and science by providing up-to-date, credible and evidence-based information on all olive products — providing a space to share research and health-related education on EVOO, olive leaf extract, table olives and more.

What is the Olive Wellness Institute?

The Olive Wellness Institute (OWI) is a world-first online science repository on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olive products. Through the gathering, sharing and promotion of credible, evidence-based information, the OWI aims to increase awareness of the extraordinary and unique benefits of EVOO and other olive products.

All information on the OWI website is developed by leading scientists, researchers and health professionals with extensive expertise in olive products and their use. Committed to only publishing scientifically rigorous, evidence-based information, the OWI ensures all content is subject to extensive peer review.

The OWI is guided by an advisory panel comprising internationally renowned professors, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and researchers specialising in olive science, products and the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The panel provides the OWI with insights and guidance, ensuring the highest levels of scientific rigour.

The OWI is a social responsibility venture, sponsored by Boundary Bend Limited (BBL), that aims to educate, empower collaboration and grow the body of health-related evidence for olive products.

What can you find on the Olive Wellness Institute?

With so much conflicting information, you want to make sure that, as a health professional or health-interested consumer, you are getting credible and correct information for yourself and your family and to relay to your patients. The Olive Wellness Institute is a space where you can get the right health information with confidence.

On the Olive Wellness Institute website, you will find:

  • A database with over 400 published research articles
  • Monthly blogs that share health information from the relationship between your microbiome to comparing the benefits of EVOO and coconut oil
  • Fortnightly podcasts with world-renowned healthcare professional guests
  • Evidence-based webinars and health presentations
  • A dedicated recipe section showcasing the versatility of EVOO
  • Systematic literature reviews of the health effects of the Mediterranean diet and olive oil
  • World news related to olive science and events
  • Downloadable health professional and academic resources to use in clinic or to share with students and colleagues
  • Pages dedicated to busting myths associated with cooking with EVOO, sharing the evidence-based health benefits of olive leaf extract, table olives and so much more

Frequently searched at the Olive Wellness Institute

Cooking with EVOO

There is a common misconception that you cannot cook with EVOO, which has no scientific substantiation. Recent studies have shown that EVOO is the most stable oil to cook with when compared to 10 other common cooking oils. This is because EVOO is composed of good fats and is full of antioxidants that protect the oil when heated. There are dedicated cooking with EVOO presentations, downloadable infographics and blogs available on the OWI website to help explain this detailed research and debunk the common myth that you can’t cook with EVOO, and more importantly, explain why you should cook with EVOO.

What is olive leaf extract?

Olive leaf extract is quite different to EVOO. Olive leaf extract is a herbal supplement derived from the leaves of the olive tree with many traditional and researched health benefits. Its health benefits can be related to its wide variety of antioxidants found within the leaves — even more than EVOO. Olive leaf extract has been used as a health tonic and supplement for centuries and, as evidence suggests, olive leaf extract has been shown to help improve vascular function and help to improve the immune system.

The Olive Wellness Institute is passionate about increasing research and understanding of olive leaf extract’s traditional and emerging health benefits through the sharing of evidence-based webinars and downloadable e-books.

Benefits of subscribing to the Olive Wellness Institute

Subscription to the Olive Wellness Institute is free via the OWI website. Subscribers may access a wealth of resources, including:

  • Regularly updated news and articles relating to olive nutrition, health and wellness, from experts in the field
  • An easily searchable and comprehensive olive science database containing downloadable published literature featuring prominent research findings involving all aspects of olive nutrition, health and wellness
  • An expert library listing designed to facilitate queries and research collaboration
  • Access to the Olive Wellness Podcast
  • A free olive health and wellness e-book, containing comprehensive information about the history and science of olive products

For more, visit olivewellnessinstitute.org