Simple remedies for Hayfever Relief

NUTRIENTS that reduce hayfever symptoms are those which also help the immune system. It’s common for sufferers of hayfever to also have an elevated level of Immunoglobulin E (IgE).

ONE of the nutrients required for reducing IgE levels offering hayfever relief and supports the immune system is vitamin E. Eating food that is high in this nutrient will help boost your levels but it won’t be enough. You do need to be careful when starting with this supplement if you are taking blood pressure tablets. If you are on blood pressure medication then see a naturopath before you start taking vitamin E. Vitamin E needs to be in the natural form. This translates into the wording of the ingredients’ of d-alpha not dl-alpha, a ‘l’ after the d (e.g. dl-alpha) means it’s a synthetic form. It also won’t have the word natural anywhere on the label.

ANTOHER nutrient is Vitamin C for hayfever relief. This will also need to be taken in a supplement form. You will initially need large amounts and as it builds up in your system your dose would be reduced. A powdered form is best as its easier to take the larger doses required. The vitamin C supplement will need to have beta-carotene (for healthy mucous membranes) in it as well as bioflavonoids.

NATUROPATHICALLY speaking we would deem hayfever to be associated with a congested lymphatic system. To reduce congestion which will offer hayfever relief we maintain the balance between acid and alkaline foods. We also deem which foods aggravate and omit these from the diet. For a lot it’s simply removing dairy from the diet will improve symptoms. Dairy is a form of calcium and complete protein when this is omitted from the diet it needs to be replaced with an alternative. Alternatives such as calcium enriched soya milk or calcium enriched rice milk, goat’s milk products and sheep products and cow’s milk yoghurt are also an option. It may sound odd that yoghurt is still included when dairy is removed. The fermentation process of making yoghurt reduces lactose which is milk sugar. This is why some people who react to dairy can still have yoghurt as the lactose was the constituent they reacted to and in yoghurt it is at a very minimal level. You can also buy lactose free yoghurt. If you react to lactose then goats milk wouldn’t be an option as this has lactose as well however you may find the goats milk yoghurt fine. If you react to lactose free yoghurt this main indicate you have an issue with casein which is the protein found in milk.

MAKING sure you drink the correct amount of water each day. How does this help with hayfever relief. You have muscles all over you body including head and face. If you don’t drink the right amount of water for your weight then the blood thickens and muscle fibres actually become sticky. Sticky muscle fibres make it harder for the already thickened blood to move through them. This results in poor circulation adding to the congested and irritated sinus. Your water consumption is based on your weight and activity level. Please find below a link to a hydration calculator.

ADD GARLIC to your health regime. If I am around people who are sick and during winter this is often the case, then I have two cloves of fresh crushed garlic on toast with cold extracted honey drizzled over them with a cup of peppermint tea. I have this with my breakfast during the winter months. Raw garlic has a lot of heat in it. The honey reduces the heat. Drinking the peppermint tea afterwards and brushing your teeth will reduce lingering garlic smell.

DRINKING Thyme tea will offer hayfever relief. This is a common herb grown in the garden and used for cooking. Thyme has very strong anti-microbial properties. It will offer hayfever relief and help soothe irritated sinuses.

ELIMINATE wheat from the diet for at least two weeks to see if this makes a difference. For some this will offer hayfever relief for others it won’t make any difference. I believe in adding a variety of grains to the diet. Diversity and variety are part of life something we would benefit to consider when choosing the food we consume.

JUICE of half a lemon in tepid water upon rising. This offers hayfever relief by reducing acidity in the body. Naturopathically we believe an acidic body creates the perfect environment for illness to occur. Please refer to another blog I wrote in relation to this concept.

STEAM inhalation will offer hayfever relief. It will soothe the irritated mucus membranes and sinuses. Choose from the essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, ti-tree or peppermint. Just a few drops into a bowl of hot water will be enough. For true benefit for hayfever relief this needs to be done a few times throughout the day.

AND FINALLY make sure you have healthy levels of vitamin D. This is the sunshine vitamin. When low the immune system is weakened and infection reoccurs. Allergies are worse when your vitamin D is low. A blood test is needed to determine your level. Like selenium Vitamin D aids apoptosis. Apoptosis is programmed cell death. When cells no longer can perform the function they were designed for they are meant to cease in existence. When this process is mutated disease sets in. We want the cells that shouldn’t die to remain and those that shouldn’t remain to die. Apparently this is the number one deficiency in the states and we are following in their footsteps. If your levels are low then please see a naturopath as you will need to take a boost dosage before taking a maintenance dose. And if you have a blood test be sure to ask what your level is. Please find a link below which lists ideal levels for vitamin D.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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