Smile your teeth are important

A nice smile, healthy gums and teeth are very important to your A healthy white smile is important for imagehealth and self image. Bacteria in the mouth can affect the blood and in turn organs in your body as well as affect your looks.

Did you know that there could be a link between your dental hygiene and general health? There are several theories around that gum disease can have a possible effect on heart conditions. It is possible that bacteria from gum disease when it gets into the bloodstream could cause inflammation in arteries that supply blood to the heart or brain. The inflammation could contribute to a build up of plaque in the blood vessels which in turn could block the blood supply.

Another theory has it that inflammatory chemicals, called cytokines, which occur when the gums get infected, could be released into the bloodstream, and also lead to problems in this area.

There are a few studies that have been done regarding gum disease and cardiovascular disease and it was found that people with gum disease are more likely to have cardiovascular problems but this is not conclusive as other studies have shown no connection. Other research showed an association between gum disease and diabetes which is also possible because diabetes increases susceptibility to infection and infection in turn makes it harder for the body to regulate insulin. So is it possible if the gum disease is treated then the blood sugar levels will come down in people with diabetes?

Of course the big issue these days is with fillings and mercury. Mercury is a poison and should not be in the body. The old mercury fillings you have in your teeth could be leaking and making you feel unwell. So if you are feeling sick in some way on a continual basis and there are no explanations as to why despite tests then you need to perhaps take a look at the fillings in your teeth.

Word of warning though but remember I am not a dentist. I have had clients remove their mercury fillings at a holistic dentist and they have done it quite quickly. Their body has gone into a healing crisis as it detoxes and made them ‘sick’ in the sense that the mercury can’t wait to get out of the body and in the meantime they feel so bad they can’t function. So please talk to your dentist and do the replacement fillings at a pace to suit you – under his suggestions.

Also remember it’s important to visit the dentist for a check up every six months and in between to brush on a regular basis otherwise gum disease could lead to your teeth not only coming loose but falling out. It doesn’t do much for self image if when you smile several teeth are missing, not to mention the impact it has on proper chewing of your food and further digestion.

Whilst further studies are needed on the impact of gum disease on inflammation in the body it might be a good idea to stay on the safe side and look after your teeth – brush twice daily and floss also.

Bad breath is a symptom of illness in the body but it isn’t just about having a healthy body, healthy mouth and nice white teeth. It’s got to do with your self image and how you care about yourself. Remember a nice smile, pearly white teeth and fresh breath is attractive in any environment.

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim runs Stressfree Management at 36 Gipps Road, Greystanes, and specialises in assisting your health and lifestyle in all areas by developing programs on either a corporate or personal level to suit your needs. Jenetta has just published a book called Stress-Free Health Management, A Natural Solution for Your Health available from your favourite bookstore or online. For more information and to get in touch, visit her website at Stressfree Management.

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