statin statistics

no matter how big or powerful the study on statins and CVD they cannot show a benefit of more than around 1%. But the claim big numbers like 25-45%. The reason for such a big discrepancy is that they use relative risk not real risk. If 3 people die out of 100 on the statin trial and 2 people die on the placebo trial. the benefit of taking stains is really 4-3 =1 out of 100 or 1%. However, the drug companies and the researchers and doctors they pay compare the 3 to the 4 and say we have saved 33% more lives. Still only one person in 100 but they claim 33%. What is worse if they take overall mortality that 1% usually dies of other forms of death induced by the side effects of the drugs. And there are many serious side effects. If they take morbidity into account, that is the amount of suffering they cause no one would go anywhere near these drugs. So why do we use them and still so many doctors prescribe them?

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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