Hydrogen’s role in a net-zero world

Depending on who you listen to, hydrogen is the answer to the question of a sustainable future. Yet, as is often the case with such major questions, the issues around hydrogen are not simple. Here we dig into the evidence to discover the role that hydrogen has to play in facing the greatest challenge of a generation.

statin statistics

no matter how big or powerful the study on statins and CVD they cannot show a benefit of more than around 1%. But the claim big numbers like 25-45%. The reason for such a big discrepancy is that they use relative risk not real risk. If 3 people die out of 100 on the statin […]

cholesterol 1

Cholesterol is not the public enemy that it has been made out to be it is one of the most essential nutrients in the body. The only reason we have demonised it is because there is a drug, statins, that can lower the levels. Yes they do lower the levels of cholesterol extremely well but […]