Rochelle Taylor, CEO and co-director of AcuEnergetics

Rochelle Taylor shares her Natural Healing Journey

Nineteen years ago, in early 2003, I encountered AcuEnergetics and it changed the path of my life forever in a very short period of time.

I had been suffering with severe pain from endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) since I was around 14 years old. Once a month for about five days I would be in incredible pain — two of those days I’d be in bed on medication. It was awful to say the least. I had been to so many doctors and specialists and tried different medications and therapies … all without any relief. I was also told I had insulin resistance and that I might not be able to have children. I felt hopeless. In addition to this physical pain, over the years I had developed depression. Most people wouldn’t have known because on the outside I looked happy and outgoing, but I felt miserable inside.

That was when a friend introduced me to AcuEnergetics founder Kevin Niv Farrow and suggested I have some treatments with him for my pain. Although I was keen to try it, I was also a little sceptical. But walking out of my first treatment, I was amazed at how strong the electrical sensations were.

After only a few AcuEnergetics sessions I noticed a real improvement in the pain level, and after a few months I was totally out of pain. It changed my life. In addition to the physical pain being gone, so had the depression. I was happier than I had been in years.

I was totally intrigued as to how it had worked and keen to find out more, so I did the AcuEnergetics Level 1 Skills for Living workshop. This incredible course showed me what was possible when it comes to improving flow in the bioelectrical system for healing the body. It blew me away. I also found it really empowering to know that anyone could learn these skills — it’s not a special gift you are born with.

The approach in AcuEnergetics is to restore adequate and healthy electrical flow to the parts of the body which have become compromised electrically. This allows the body to restore function, heal faster and ease pain. When you start to understand it, it makes total sense.

I felt like a whole world had opened up to me and I remembered my childhood dream of always wanting to help people. The more I studied the amazing bioelectrical system and the AcuEnergetics approach, a small voice inside started to speak more insistently about doing this as a job. I was hooked!

And so I went on to do all the trainings and become a qualified practitioner and teacher, fulfilling a dream of mine by doing this rewarding work. Early on I also got involved in the business side of things too, using my skills from my previous experience in the corporate sector for something I loved and believed in. It was the perfect mix.

These days I run the AcuEnergetics business, as well as treating my clients and teaching workshops. Over the past 20 years we have grown our community from one small clinic in Balmain, Sydney to having students, practitioners, wellness balancers and teachers all around the world. Our trainings are now available online, which means people can learn and experience everything we have to offer wherever they are in the world.

Our Level 1 Skills for Living course is definitely one of our best sellers. This is where we teach people our main technique for improving flow in the bioelectrical system and healing the body — it’s really where the AcuEnergetics journey starts. People come for treatments to get things fixed, but they also want to be able to understand it for themselves and use it practically on their family and friends, and this is what is great about the Level 1 workshop.

We teach the main technique we use as practitioners to restore bioelectrical flow in the body, so that people can start to practise using this approach for themselves. Treating simple things like bumps and bruises, burns, tummy aches, sprains, stress and low energy are all possible after this training. We share how the mind and emotions disturb the bioelectricity, as well as simple meditation techniques for improving flow. We also teach how to give a wellness balance that restores and promotes the flow of bioelectricity in the body, as well as increasing energy, improving the immune system and helping the body find balance.

The workshop is called Skills for Living because we share tools to help you live a life that is healthy for both your body and mind. I always tell people who are considering doing our trainings that even if I never did this as a job, I would use the skills I learned in these workshops every day for the rest of my life. They really change how you see yourself, illness, pain and what is possible for healing in the body. The things you learn will stay with you forever.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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