Rice that’s twice as nice

Riceberry rice not only tastes delicious, but it also boasts loads of health benefits and can transform even the simplest of recipes into something amazing.

Thailand boasts many diverse and delicious rice grains, yet undoubtedly one of the newest sensations to hit the international market is Riceberry. This nutritious product is fast becoming a favourite with chefs and home cooks alike.

 From humble roots

Thailand has long been known for its relationship with rice, with many Thai locals viewing it as a symbol of togetherness and family. Rice is the basis of a meal with loved ones at the end of a long day, making it more than just a food but a source of enrichment across multiple parts of life.
This respect for the humble grain translates out of the home and into the pastures. Thai grain farmers are renowned for their passion for quality, which is simply one of the reasons Thailand is recognised as being the “kitchen of the world”.
And indeed, people the world over have fallen for Riceberry. This grain is a combination of the more traditional Hom Nil and Khao Dok Mali 105 jasmine rice varieties. The hybridisation has resulted in a long-grain rice with a dark purple hue that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the stomach.
This striking shade is brought about naturally thanks to anthocyanin, a soluble antioxidant compound that is said to inhibit cell damage.

 Flavour, flavour, flavour

When it comes to taste, Riceberry does not disappoint. As you prepare your dish, the grain’s sweet aroma will tantalise your tastebuds. When the rice hits your lips, you’ll be hit with a subtle taste that’s part nutty, part sweet, and the slight chewy texture will suit a wide variety of dishes. That makes Riceberry a great staple to keep in your pantry.
But it’s more than just flavour that has Riceberry rice catching the eye of nutritional experts across the globe. There are many additional health benefits to this product. In fact, Riceberry rice may lower the chances of suffering from:
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Hypertension
• Dementia
Riceberry rice also has a medium- to low-GI (Glycaemic Index) making it a positive choice for anyone looking to lower their daily sugar intake. And, of course, Riceberry is an abundant source of fibre, which is essential to aid digestion, lower blood cholesterol and help manage glucose levels.

 Riceberry inspiration

If you’re looking to incorporate Riceberry into your diet, the options are endless. The texture is suited to support stir-fries and salads, with the subtle sweet flavour also making this product suited to desserts.
Boxed item
Ready-to-eat Riceberry rice is available now in select Asian groceries. For more information, visit thinkricethinkthailand.com.

Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore

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