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The time has come. I cannot write another blog post without sharing the delights my taste buds encountered during yoga school.

Each day an exquisite array of flavour atoms exploded in my mouth. Textures so seductive they charmed the tip of tongue and had me salivating for more. After each conscious chew, my mind was left to process the astonishing creativity of the dish. I was overwhelmed by the presence of an electrostatic force moving up and down my spine. Every time I swallowed, a deeper layer of understanding was consumed.

This was food. Real, alive, delicious food. The effect it can have on one’s entire form – physically, mentally and spiritually – was absolutely mind-blowing.

So what did we eat, I hear you ask in awe?

Clean vegetarian dishes three times a day. Fresh, organic produce from the Garden, coupled with a dairy, gluten and sugar free cleanse.

Every single cell felt nourished, uplifted and multiplied with new measures. Measures similar to the speed of light travelled through my anatomical cosmos.

Plant foods that were energetic, enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense and vibrating with life. Spices that activated and pacified the doshas, the senses and the digestive system. Medicinal herbs that soothed the soul and provided the perfect dose of energy to power through my twelfth sun salutation for the day. Cashew and almond nut milk that grounded me regardless of the countless inversions I was practising. Tinctures of love and elixirs of life that flowed through my veins, nourishing every single cell with radiance and vibrancy. Delicious desserts that were so rich with chocolate and creaminess it was impossible to fathom they were sugar- and dairy-free. Soaked grains and legumes that released their energy gently and slowly, allowing the involuntary process of digestion to easily break them down. Calming herbal teas that relaxed the mind, soothed the soul and provided the required dose of antioxidants needed to heal the body. Vibrational bush flower essences that were so closely entwined with Mother Nature and all her elements that I could feel the trees sway in the wind of my circulatory system.

After every meal my entire being, my entire existence, was transformed. Every single cell felt nourished, uplifted and multiplied with new measures. Measures similar to the speed of light travelled through my anatomical cosmos.

My nervous system was clam and peaceful. New neuron pathways were created, releasing old patterns and realigning itself once again with the divine.

My energy levels soared higher than I’ve ever experienced before. Sensations at the base of my spine began to stir and move upwards towards my vertebrae. An awakening had happened and a deep connection to food and it’s healing powers had formed.

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan is the Editor of WellBeing and WILD. She loves surfing, creating raw desserts, flowing through nourishing yoga sequences and spending time with her new pooch, Maribou.

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