Healthy Eating to get that Sexual Drive up and Going and Going and….

Not many people like to talk about their sexual drive. If sex is discussed it’s either bragging or moaning (not in ecstasy) more as in ‘Do I have to…again?’

Initially whilst in the honeymoon period most will put rabbits to shame. Then the pressures from work demands, sickness, financial worries, lack of sleep, and children start to creep in. God I think I just lost mine thinking about it all. You name it, it will affect your sexual drive. So what can you do about?

Firstly assess what’s the cause. Is it because you are not fit? Remember it’s a physical work out and somebody’s gotta do the work. Let’s face it, its better if both of you actively participate. If its fitness, then find a fitness regime that will work for you.

Consider walking or running or join a gym. Whatever it is, it needs to be compatible with your busy life schedule that’s already stolen your sexual drive and now has its eye on your fitness levels. Don’t let it win! To bring back the groove you gotta move.

Secondly, are you getting enough sleep?  If not, why? Do you have a new born? Are you worried about finances? Is your sleep broken and if yes why? Is it hot flushes, a crying baby or nightmares? Or are you one of the many that’s hops into bed and just stares at the ceiling? Or do you suffer from excessive dreaming waking up constantly during the night? Poor sleep will have a negative impact on your sexual drive.

Thirdly let’s look at the diet. Everyone talks about oysters being an aphrodisiac. That’s only helpful if you like them and are neither a vegan, nor a vegetarian or don’t have a seafood allergy. Have you ever wondered how those slimy little buggers got their boastful reputation for improving your sexual drive? It’s the Zinc level.

If you work out the problem then a solution can be found. Perhaps it’s all of the above. So let’s see what can be done about it all.

Zinc is the power player here. It’s needed for healthy sperm. Helps reduce copper overload. Copper overload causes zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency. It’s needed for healthy stomach acid levels. Poor stomach acid reduces absorption of nutrients and will lead to bloating and recurrent gastritis. Zinc is also required for healthy serotonin levels. Low serotonin levels will result in poor sleep and a flat mood. There are 200 enzyme reactions within the body that requires Zinc. Zinc is found in pepitas (green pumpkin seeds) sunflower seeds and red meat(remember to trim the fat) and eggs.

Water intake is important. If you are dehydrated you won’t want to do anything even if it may end with a smile. Please drink the right amount of water and it may be the thing to put a grin above your chin. Please find below a link to a hydration calculator.

Do you suffer from constipated? If you do I can understand why you wouldn’t feel like doing anything that uses any part of your body that’s close to the back log. Constipation can present with abdominal pain, lethargy and long term it may lead to disease.  You need a mixture of soluble fibre and insoluble fibre with the right amount of water to get things moving.  I recommend a serve of salad and a serve of cooked vegetables (preferable steamed) and three pieces of fruit , as well as a small amount of nuts and seeds such as almonds, brazil nuts (you only need four brazil nuts and no more) some pepitas and sunflower seeds. Excluding the Brazil nuts aim to have about 150gm of a raw nuts and seeds mix.

Iron– So important and quite often lacking in a diet.  Lean red meat is a great source. In the vegetable kingdom its beetroot and green leafy vegetables. Low iron will result in low energy, easy bruising and feeling very flat and changes in posture or movement can create dizziness. Try to have lean red meat two to three times a week. If you are vegetarian then beetroot and the green leafy vegetables will need to be consumed daily. If you like juicing perhaps try beetroot juice (30 to 50ml) to a mixture of equal amount of carrot and apple juice in a 200ml glass. Beetroot juice is very strong tasting so add it last and a little bit at a time until you get the taste you like. You can also add in celery juice to this mix.

Let’s not forget Omega-3. The two fatty acids of Omega-3, EPA and DHA both have great benefits for your libido. The DHA is needed for semen production and brain activity. Whilst EPA will help reduce inflammation and benefit the heart and help soften the skin. With an improved cognitive function you’ll offer stimulating conversation, think of sweet nothings to say and then you can woo them with your soft skin. The DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) will be lessened by the EPA component of Omega-3. Remember it is a physical work out.Sources of Omega 3 are sardines, salmon, trout, eggs and chia seeds. If you are concerned about eating eggs daily please click onto transcripts discussing why you can eat them daily.

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.  There are ads on the television stating it’s a common deficiency. It would be conducive for a healthy sexual drive to have a healthy vitamin D level.  Vitamin D deficiency will impact on the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system. Fatigue is a common presentation in vitamin D deficiency. Please find a link below offering more information on the subject.

If sleeping is the issue consider the following

  • Reduce your coffee intake to no more than one a day and if you still find you can’t sleep then omit from your diet.
  • No refined carbohydrates such as biscuits, chocolate, sweet drinks, lollies and sweets.  Once you are sleeping you can reintroduce these items as a treat.
  • Do some form of continuous exercise for thirty minutes each day. Walking is ideal.
  • Have either a hot bath (not too hot just comfortable ) with a few drops of Lavender oil or a shower before bed. This will warm your body temperature and stimulate melatonin production. This is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in an area of the brain known as the hypothalamus. Melatonin is produced from the amino acid tryptophan. When your body starts to cool down you will feel sleepy.
  • Ensure your bedroom is dark. To produce healthy levels of melatonin during sleep your room needs to be dark.
  • A warm glass of milk and bananas both have tryptophan in them. This is an amino acid needed for melatonin production.
  • If your baby keeps you awake then seek help if both of you are suffering from poor sleep. Otherwise find someone in the family or a friend to babysit for the night.
  • If your partner snores then encourage them to lose weight or if it’s a sinus issue see a professional.
  • If its worries or nightmares stopping you from sleeping then please see a counsellor.
  • If its menopause symptoms then please see a naturopath.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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