Yoga Mindworks…

“Yoga is the cessation of mind”
– Some Yoga wisdom from Patanjali

I am a blogger ok… leave my mind alone! I am a blogger and a writer, and a talker… what can I say? But I am also a meditator. And I CAN say that a basic yoga practice and mediation may have saved me from a never ending circle of anxiety and depression.

But now on the other side of that, I can say that I’ve come to terms with the thinking mind, and even indulge it every now and again – like in this blog, which does, after all, promise something to think about! In fact, my first significant journey towards mental stillness was on a humble yoga course at the local Buddhist yoga centre.

So – cessation of the mind – well yes, you need that. But to me the mind is like a body – a thing you get to explore for a limited time of life on earth, so see what it’s up to and where it can go.

Yoga Genie
Chief Bloggist, Yoga Whatever…

Yoga Genie

Yoga Genie

Restaurant reviewers find it easier to travel incognito, and so do I. I travel a lot for work and use this as an excuse check out yoga classes, yoga courses and yoga colleges around my home country, Australia. In this yoga blog, I refer to yoga centres in Sydney. I am not actually a yoga teacher, just a passionate yoga student.

I have practised yoga in the US and have done yoga courses in India but have no bias towards any yoga style. Actually, maybe I am biased to a yoga style, or at least certain methods of education applied in yoga courses, but I’ll leave it to you to find out what that is. My mission? I just want people to think a little deeper about yoga.

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