Jansen Newman Institute

Jansen Newman Institute

The Jansen Newman Institute (JNI) is an academic institution with a strong industry reputation for launching and developing the careers of motivated students in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy and community services. Using a skills-based teaching model, JNI offers a breadth of academically rigorous, practical programs from diploma to masters level courses. Each course offers an opportunity to enhance students’ skills and abilities in listening, empathising with others and nurturing those in their care, in order to guide individuals and communities through change, discovery and development.

JNI grew out of the Relationship Development Centre, which was founded in 1978 in Sydney by Dr David Jansen. Dr Jansen was co-founder of the California Family Study Centre in Los Angeles, now known as the Phillips Graduate Institute, a large graduate training centre for marriage and family counsellors. In 1981, Dr Jansen was joined by Margaret Newman. Together they founded and developed the Jansen Newman Institute into the prestigious counselling, community services and psychotherapy education and training provider it is today.

These sessions and all courses overall are focused on enhancing class learnings and providing students with the confidence to start practising counselling and therapy immediately on graduation.

JNI values students with rich life experience and a strong desire to learn, grow and improve the lives of others. In turn, JNI is deeply committed to nurturing each student’s journey as they work towards this path. Along the way, students are encouraged to reflect on and develop their innate and practical skills during their courses, both in class and through work placements and counselling services to the public.

JNI’s on-site clinic, The Think Wellbeing Centre at Pyrmont Campus, is a fundamental component of the courses. Here students are able to fine-tune their counselling and psychotherapy skills with real clients under the careful supervision and guidance of JNI staff, who are themselves qualified and practising clinicians. These sessions and all courses overall are focused on enhancing class learnings and providing students with the confidence to start practising counselling and therapy immediately on graduation.

At JNI, the following courses are offered:

Laureate International Universities

The Jansen Newman Institute is part of the Laureate network. Laureate International Universities (LIU) is a leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education. The LIU network of more than 80 accredited campus-based and online institutions offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 1 million students in 28 countries around the world. Laureate universities offer undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programs in fields such as architecture, business, engineering, hospitality management, law and medicine. Many Laureate institutions are ranked among the top providers of higher education in their respective regions, countries and fields, and have received international recognition for their academic quality.

Give back to society

With JNI, you can help to transform the lives of others and make a positive contribution to the wider community. JNI’s courses equip you for a range of careers, allowing you to support the wider community in issues and situations, including:


“I chose JNI because it was an independent college that specialised in the area that I was most interested in. The vibe I first felt just walking into the lobby of JNI gave me a feeling of belonging. The thought of being surrounded by many people who are just obsessed with the mind as I am was something I couldn’t say no to.” ~ Zac Anthony Castles, Diploma of Counselling

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For more information and to speak to a Course and Careers Advisor:

T: 1800 777 116
E: enquiries@jni.edu.au
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235 Pyrmont Street
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