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FODMAP friendly loaves? The greatest thing since sliced bread

Low-FODMAP diets have seen a surge in recent years — and with good reason. Approximately 6.4 million Australians suffer from food intolerances of some kind. Changing what we eat can make us feel good; not just physically but emotionally too. Baked in the foothills of the Australian alps, Alpine Breads brings high-quality natural, FODMAP friendly bread to the masses. Andrew Bertalli, the brand’s managing director, tells us more.

Tell us about Alpine Breads

Alpine Breads started baking in 1931 and is one of Australia’s first sourdough bread makers. We’re based in Benalla at the foothills of the Australian alps, and our range of specialist breads are for people wanting superior nutrition and bread quality. We don’t take shortcuts and we live for quality.

What is the story behind Alpine Breads?

My grandfather started this business in 1930 with the view of baking high-quality breads for his customers, using only natural ingredients. We continued on with this tradition, producing healthy breads.

How is your brand helpful for people following a FODMAP diet?

I developed my FODMAP breads with the support of Dr Sue Shepherd. Alpine Breads was the first brand in the world to have a certified FODMAP Friendly bread using normal flours. Our FODMAP products include spelt and sprouted grains, spelt and barley, sour rye, dark rye, spelt hot-cross buns and spelt rolls.

What has been the highlight of the Alpine Breads journey so far?

There is no better feeling when a customer calls you and thanks you for your bread because they had not eaten toast or a sandwich for 10 years prior.

What’s next for Alpine Breads? Do you have any exciting launches coming up?

We’ll continue to strive to innovate and be a market leader within the health bread industry.

Where can we buy Alpine Breads products?

Alpine Breads products are available in all Coles, independent supermarkets nationally and Woolworths in Victoria.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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