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A Q&A with Gerard Bini from Orgone Effects

A Q&A with Gerard Bini from Orgone Effects on electromagnetic radiation

Credit: Orgone Effects

We speak with Gerard Bini, managing director and founder of Orgone Effects. He shares with us his Geoclense, a product that promises to neutralise electromagnetic frequencies.

What was your initial vision for the Geoclense and has that changed over time?

The first Geoclense was developed in 2004 out of necessity for an efficient electromagnetic field (EMF) and earth radiation harmonizer for my consultancy work in Melbourne. It definitely was very different to the 2019-model Geoclense in that it only neutralised EMF, some earth magnetic grid lines and Wi-Fi. The current Geoclense is programmed to neutralise around 30 different types of fields and looks completely different.

What is your background? How did you get into creating electromagnetic radiation harmonising products?

My background started in the construction industry and dowsing experience, which is why I call myself an intuitive building biologist.

Please talk to us about the electromagnetic field

EMF is everywhere. It has many sources from electrical radiation, Wi-Fi, earth radiation and bioplasmic radiation, which is said to be the human emotional pain body.

What is electromagnetic radiation and how does it affect us and our lives?

EMF is a charged field of various sources that might cause meridian and biofield stress, manifesting as organ stress. We believe everyone can be affected by EMF but how they are affected depends on their general state of health, both emotionally and physically. Someone who is emotionally challenged can be affected more emotionally than physically.

What are some of your most popular products and why?

The Geoclense is our most popular because we believe it has the ability to neutralise everything from electrical, Wi-Fi, digital TV, all earth radiation, all types of bioplasmic radiation and even excessively high solar wind effect on earth radiation levels. 

How are your products tested?

Harmonizers are tested against a real person, not a foam dummy. The modalities to test our products are kinesiology, such as total body modification (TBM), or applied kinesiology. Bioresonance equipment, such as Mora or Bicom from Germany, is also a good way to test. Tools such as a Biotensor, developed by Dr Josef Oberbach, are also used to test our harmonizers.

What are your three tips for creating a healthy home?

  1. Have a Geoclense.
  2. Make sure that the home is 100-per-cent mould-free.
  3. Be emotionally well and happy.

What are your three tips for creating a healthy workplace?

  1. Try a Geoclene in the workplace.
  2. Learn to get along with your colleagues no matter the situation.
  3. Have a dust- and mould-free workplace. 

What’s next for Orgone Effects?

We’re getting ready for 5G, which everyone is either in fear of or is talking about. We are also releasing some new products that I call ‘radiant’, which is the opposite of radiation.


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