A journey of healing and helping

As a primary school teacher,  Sarah Young knows well the heavy workload and expectations placed on teachers. While she loves teaching, when it started to impact her health, she knew she had to find a better way.

“I started to question what I was doing and why I had little time or energy for other things in my life,” Sarah says. “I was diagnosed with lupus and had anxiety and depression. While I was doing well at work, I was saving nothing for myself, and I couldn’t continue that way.”

About six years ago, Sarah saw an immunologist who gave her life-long medicine with several negative side effects. It pushed her to seek out a naturopath’s help. As she started to feel better, Sarah made other changes in her life.

“I enrolled in a Naturopathy degree at Endeavour to help heal myself,” she says. “It started as a positive hobby; I never thought of becoming a practitioner. I’ve really lived the degree. I’d take the knowledge from my lectures and think, ‘how does this apply to my health condition and my family’s.’ After four years of study, I can say that my body is healthy and vibrant. Now that I feel so good, I want to share this knowledge with everyone. My outlook is completely different.”

Sarah asked several natural health practitioners for advice before enrolling at Endeavour. “I asked them where the best practitioners come from. Then, one evening I was on my iPad and I thought I’m just going to enrol and see how I go. It was a struggle to start with because financially I needed to keep working full-time. But once I started, I was fascinated,” Sarah says. “I put my mortgage on hold and reduced my work hours so I could teach part-time and study part-time. It was the best choice.”

“I found some inspirational women at Endeavour. They have such knowledge and life wisdom and amazing brains. We’re lucky to have these people who are willing to give back to the community of naturopaths and guide the next generation,” she says. “They brought the slides to life during lectures and you can’t put a price on that.” Excitingly, Sarah was named as a finalist in the ATMS Natural Medicine Awards 2020 Student of the Year category. She graduates this year and is looking forward to starting her own small naturopathic clinic.

“My time at Endeavour has been so much fun because we’re able to bring together our knowledge and see the positive changes in clients,” she enthuses.

“I’ve started to think about how I combine teaching, which I love, with my naturopathy practice. I’d love to keep working with children and feel there’s so much potential to help them and their parents.”

There’s never been a better time to study natural medicine

Already a $5.6 billion industry, Australia’s complementary medicines health sector has seen a considerable acceleration in growth in the last five years and continues to outpace growth in the broader economy. With a strong consumer focus on preventative healthcare, the future already looks bright for our graduates.

Learn through practice

Each campus has an onsite Endeavour Wellness Clinic, where theoretical knowledge comes to life for students.Endeavour College’s Health Science degrees include hundreds of hours of hands-on learning with real clients. This  clinical experience sets Endeavour College graduates apart and gives them confidence to begin their clinical practice.

Endless career choices

Endeavour College graduates can work as clinical practitioners in their own clinic or a multi-modality clinic alongside other clinicians. Many graduates are now taking their clinical practice to the client by offering mobile services as well as online using digital technology to give access to clients at a distance. In addition to clinical practice, graduates have countless nonpractitioner careers available to them. These natural health specialist careers range from content creation to education to consulting and advising. With such a variety of careers available, Endeavour

College graduates have the luxury of designing their careers to fit their passions, aspirations and lifestyle. Turn your passion into your purpose and connect with Endeavour College today.

Make contact with Endeavour College today:

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Follow Sarah’s natural health journey here:

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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