Chiron in Aries Intergenerational Healing

The initiation of Chiron in Aries: Intergenerational healing

The Pluto-in-Libra generation are being initiated by Chiron in Aries, called to the front lines of intergenerational healing. We explore the significance of Chiron in Aries and how the planets can mend broken ties. As the 2020s accelerate the divide between old and new, the relational healing the Pluto-in-Libra generation does will have a lasting […]

A journey of healing and helping

As a primary school teacher, Sarah Young knows well the heavy workload and expectations placed on teachers. While she loves teaching, when it started to impact her health, she knew she had to find a better way.


Nature can be your healer

Nature can be your healer, teacher and guide. For some, it can even be a deep and enlivening companion and friend. It is possible to experience nature, and the environment you live and work in, as nurturing and enlivening while also helping to heal and nurture the earth. Ecopsychology and ecotherapy are emerging fields that […]