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We sit down with AcuEnergetics co-director Rochelle Taylor to talk virtual learning, the body’s electrical flow and how to cultivate mindful skills for healthy living.

Please tell us about AcuEnergetics.

AcuEnergetics® is an organisation with its core focus on improving bio-electrical flow in the body and mind. We do this in three main ways —treatments, trainings and meditation.

The AcuEnergetics® treatment approach has a unique and effective approach to treating illness and easing pain. It works with the bio-electrical system in the body and was developed over the past 45 years by an Australian, Kevin Niv Farrow. It works by encouraging the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health.

What role does mindfulness play at AcuEnergetics?

I see mindfulness as bringing conscious awareness to whatever we are doing, so it plays a very important role. Mindfulness in our everyday life is great as it makes us present and gets us out of our heads. Things like eating, gardening or doing laundry mindfully can make the mundane a very pleasant experience and it also helps to train our attention from wandering off into mind stories.

Mindfulness Meditation as a more formal practice of sitting is also beneficial and necessary if you want to be able to do AcuEnergetics® well. We include it in our trainings, because in order to develop the skills needed to improve bio-electrical flow, you need to be able to be still and aware and to feel. Meditation helps develop this skill.

Meditation is often given as homework to our clients, as it is a way to help relax tension in the body and mind and improve flow — that means the body heals faster. As an AcuEnergetics® practitioner it’s important that I have a regular meditation practice, but even if this wasn’t my job, I have grown to see the incredible benefits of meditation and mindfulness. To be able to find a sense of calm inside yourself, to have awareness of your own body and be able to still your mind and bathe in the space of nothingness … that truly is magic.

Since COVID-19 hit, AcuEnergetics has been able to offer all of its courses online. Which courses are the most popular, and why?

Meditation courses are definitely right up there as the most popular, as the online environment suits them so well. Whether they are live and online courses where people can still interact with each other and feel part of a real group, or recorded courses where people can feel safe and do it by themselves on their own timeline.

Meditation has been around forever, but our lives are getting more and more fast-paced and stressful, and we have less and less time for ourselves. Add to that a pandemic and you can understand why people now need a way to support themselves, prioritise their mental and emotional health and do something that will help them not only cope in hard times but improve their overall health and eventually help them to thrive.

Our Level 1 Skills for Living course is also one of our bestsellers, as it is where we teach people our main technique for improving flow in the bio-electrical system and healing the body — it’s really where the AcuEnergetics® journey starts. People come for treatments to get things fixed, but they also want to be able to understand it for themselves and use it practically on their family and friends. It’s empowering to know that anyone can learn these skills — it’s not a special gift you are born with.

I’ve learned that while many people still like doing groups in person, there are many who suffer from anxiety and who are too scared to ever attend a group training — the online courses have made it possible for these people to be part of our community, as well as reaching people all over the world.

Please share a bit of information about your 14 Day Inner Smile Experience, which is designed to help people develop a meditation practice.

The Inner Smile Experience is so lovely, and gently guides you through a process of both meditation and heart-opening. The Inner Smile is a heart-based meditation, so you develop the skills of meditation but also learn important knowledge about the heart. There are some short introductory videos to get started, but the 14 days of meditation include a different audio meditation each day. It’s a very beautiful experience and a great way to get inspired to start a daily meditation practice or get back into meditation if you’ve let it go for a while. Learning a heart-based meditation like the Inner Smile helps you to open and connect to your own heart, but also to be kinder and more loving to everyone around you. It’s a gift to give yourself that benefits everyone. Open and connect to your own heart, but also to be kinder and more loving to everyone around you. It’s a gift to give yourself that benefits everyone.

Your Skills for Living course uses the bio-electrical system as a means of treating the body and mind. Can you please explain what this means?

The bio-electrical system is at the very core of everything in our body, from giving strength and flexibility to our muscles and bones, to making organs function and enabling cells to divide and create healthy new cells — the electricity makes it all happen. We know the heart is an electrical organ as we can test it using an ECG, and the electrical field of the heart can be measured from any part of the body. But it’s not just the heart that is electrical — our whole body is part of this amazing system. If there is a problem in the body, then electricity is involved.

Our approach in AcuEnergetics® is to restore adequate and healthy electrical flow to the parts of the body that have become compromised electrically, which allows the body to restore function, heal faster and ease the pain.

In the AcuEnergetics Level 1 Skills for Living training, we share the main technique we use as practitioners to restore bio-electrical flow in the body so that people can start to practise using this approach for themselves. Treating simple things like bumps and bruises, burns, tummy aches, sprains, stress and low energy are all possible after this training. We discuss how the mind and emotions disturb bio-electricity, as well as some simple meditation techniques for improving flow. We also teach how to give a wellness balance that restores and promotes the flow of bio-electricity in the body, as well as increasing energy, improving the immune system and helping the body find balance. The workshop is called Skills for Living because we share tools to help live a healthy, happy life in body, mind and heart. The skills learned in this training will be used for a lifetime.

For more information, visit acuenergetics.com.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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