We speak to Terry Memory from Australian superfoods brand 13 Seeds

A Q&A with Terry Memory from 13 Seeds

We speak to Terry Memory from 13 Seeds, the producers of Australia’s largest range of hemp superfoods. Using 100% natural Tasmanian hemp oil and seeds, 13 Seeds helps Australians get healthy by easily incorporating the health benefits of hemp into their everyday routine.

What was your initial vision for 13 Seeds? Can you tell us the story of how it came to be?

The journey has been a personal one for us. Our initial vision was to use hemp cropping as a way to do something with our farm. It was an option that would have multiple benefits for not only our own health (from the seeds and oil) but would also help rebuild the soil condition on the farm and provide some extra farm income.

We learnt very quickly that it is way harder do grow, harvest and process successfully than any information on the internet would have you believe!

We persevered because we are firm believers in the benefits of hemp! In 2015, we established 13 Seeds as a family business with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. We launched our first range of products after a decade of research and development into the health benefits of hemp and the best hemp farming and production practices.

What are some common misconceptions about hemp products? How do you continue to overcome this?

It really is all about education. We do receive the “Isn’t it Marijuana?” questions. But there is also confusion around the medical side and the increasing interest there.

In short, the only thing that is legal to consume in Australia are hemp seeds and the things that come from them like oil and protein powder – they contain no active cannabinoids or CBD and it is impossible to get high from our hemp superfoods.

Everything else is illegal. You can’t use anything else from the plant or make anything else from the plant. The medicinal side is only legally available from a doctor, which includes things like CBD etc.

What are some of the benefits of taking hemp products, both internally and topically?

We believe the big things are the protein, Omega 3 and hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties. All of these are recognised by science and promoted daily as being key things to help improve our health.

Plant-based hemp protein is fantastic for your morning smoothie. Hemp seed oil is great to take in the same way as Fish Oil, but you won’t contribute to damaging the oceans. Inflammation is a huge issue for general wellbeing that taking hemp seeds, protein or oil as a food or rubbing hemp oil on dry or damaged skin can be really beneficial for most people.

Hemp is an incredible source of important plant-based protein and contains vital amino acids, essential fatty acids and nutrients. In fact, hemp seeds have one of the highest levels of plant protein of any plant and also the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6!

Hemp is a complete protein source which means that hemp seeds and oils used in our Superfoods provide all the essential amino acids. Your body cannot produce essential amino acids on its own and must obtain them from your diet.

In short, hemp superfoods can benefit all of us by reducing the risk of disease, improving heart and brain function, reducing inflammation and increasing energy and immunity.

What is your favourite product in the 13 Seeds range? How do you like to enjoy it?

For us it’s hard to choose between the oil and protein powder. We have a hemp protein fruit smoothie every morning (so do the kids!) and it really gives us an energy kick and does help keep the snacking monster at bay. The other product we love is hemp oil, as a daily tonic on a tablespoon or in a capsule. We find it makes us feel a lot more mid-thirties and not late forties!

What are your three top tips for living a healthy life?

  1. We believe the very best way to be healthy is to be as close to the source of your food as possible. We are lucky enough to have the space for a 200 metre-squared organic greenhouse attached to our farmhouse in Tassie that supplies 70% of what we eat. Done properly, a vegie garden is the ultimate effort vs health reward scenario – even planting a small crop of salad or herbs in pots is a good thing to do if you live in the city. If a veggie garden isn’t possible then always try and buy local and fresh produce.
  2. Invest quality time in relationships and family. Having good, healthy relationships equals a happy life.
  3. Meditate daily to ensure your own personal values are your constant focus.

What’s next for 13 Seeds?

We founded 13 Seeds because of our passion for sustainable plant based diets and our understanding of the many health benefits of hemp and we want to continue to build on that.

We want to be a brand that connects our customers with the health and wellbeing we experience every day from our farm on a hill in Southern Tasmania. We also want to give everyone access to the health benefits of hemp.

We love getting feedback from our customers and hearing that they love our delicious range of healthy hemp superfoods – and we only make products that we absolutely love and that we know are delicious and good for you.

We’ve always got new products in development and we are keen on making them kid-friendly. Trying to feed a family of 6 kids over the years and keeping them and ourselves super healthy has been a life long passion for us. We want to make products that we would get excited about seeing on a shelf in a store. When we bring new products home to trial the kids will let us know straight away whether we are on the right track. They are like our ultimate research department team!

Sophie Flecknoe

Sophie Flecknoe

Sophie Flecknoe surrounds herself with good food and good company and is deeply interested in health, travel and style. She also has two cheeky cavoodles named Maggie and Cherry.

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