Meet the winners of the EatWell Yummies Awards

Foodie friends, it’s time to feast! We’ve pored over more than 9000 reader votes in the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Awards for 2016 – and the verdict is in.

You, our engaged and inspired readers, have voted for your favourite companies in the ethical, sustainable wholefood industry and the EatWell
team is delighted to announce the winners for each category below. Congratulations to you all!

EatWell has become the magazine of choice for people who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, creating scrumptious food and connecting
with fellow foodies. We started the Yummies to acknowledge the hard-working, committed people behind the wholefood brands we know and love and, with your involvement, we’ve done just that! A big thank you to everyone who was nominated and our readers for voting.

“It’s great to see some fantastic products being created by the business community and this is being acknowledged by the huge number of votes the
awards received,” says EatWell publisher Janice Williams. “It’s a pleasure to provide rewards and coverage to those businesses that are contributing great ideas to the market, and we look forward to making these awards even bigger and better in 2017.

Alternatives: Natvia 100% Natural Sweetener

“We are excited that Natvia is the chosen natural sweetener product for the EatWell readers. As a brand, our values are to inspire people all around the world to live a healthier lifestyle by leaving sugar behind and it’s always great to hear such positive feedback. We want the sugar free movement we have started to be part of everyone’s life.” – Samuel Tew, Natvia founder

About the product

Natvia is Australia’s leading 100 per cent natural sweetener made from stevia, tastes delicious and is virtually calorie free. Using Natvia doesn’t have any effect on blood glucose levels meaning it’s suitable for diabetics and a healthy alternative to sugar. Sold internationally and a driving force behind inspiring people to live a better life, Natvia also provides its customers with sugar-free recipe ideas and free ebooks. It can be used in tea, coffee, smoothies; baking, cooking and in all other delicious treats. Natvia is packaged in the form of on the go tablets, baking packs, sachets and canisters.

Dairy: CapriLac Goat Yoghurt 500g Natural

“Our goats, our farms, our factory, our winning product. We are NuLac Foods, a speciality dairy product manufacturer located in Keysborough Victoria, delighted for our CapriLac Goat Yoghurt 500g Natural being announced the winner in the dairy category of the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice 2016 Awards.”

About the product

NuLac Foods have been manufacturing our CapriLac-branded Natural Goat Yoghurt for several years now . Our natural, unsweetened goat yoghurt is a perfect complement to a healthy breakfast and can be used in a variety of dishes such as Mediterranean and Indian meals. Our product is made from fresh goat milk sourced from our own farms in Gippsland. CapriLac Goat Yoghurt is naturally A2, gentler on the stomach and is easy to digest. Importantly it is suitable for the entire family and maintains a strong consumer following. With a great taste profile, it is a healthy alternative to cow milk yoghurt and is of great benefit to individuals with cows’ protein intolerance.

Drink: Lotus Organic Matcha Powder

“We are delighted that our Lotus Organic Matcha Powder has won the drinks category in the EatWell Yummies awards – our Lotus Organic Matcha Powder is a premium-grade, gluten-free green tea originating from Japan. Use as a cooking ingredient in pancakes, muffins or bliss balls or drink as a warming cup of tea.”

About the product

Lotus Organic Matcha Powder is a premium grade, gluten-free green tea that has been ground into a fine powder. Originating from Japan, drink as a tea or use as a cooking ingredient in pancakes, muffins or bliss balls. Lotus Organic Matcha Powder is certified organic, gluten-, dairy-, nut-, lactose-free and vegan.

General Pantry: Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes (250g Home Chef Box)

“Murray River Salt is delighted to have won the Genera Pantry category with Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes. Winning this award is testament to the quality of our salt flakes that have become a firm favourite in kitchens around Australia.” – Jane Schmidt, Marketing Manager, Murray River Salt

About the product

Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are produced from the concentrated brine that is pumped up from an ancient inland sea near Mildura. The brine from the aquifer is highly mineralized, which gives the salt flakes their distinctive pink hue and soft, delicate flavour. Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are considered essential by foodies and top chefs across Australia. Truly the perfect finish for any dish!

Cereal: Carman’s Almond, Coconut & Chia Gourmet Porridge Sachets

“We’re thrilled that our Carman’s porridge has been recognised with this award. We’ve been conscious with our recipes to add real ingredients that not only enhance the natural goodness of oats but also taste delicious” – Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s Founder & Managing Director

About the product

Looking for an easy, yet genuinely nutritious breakfast to warm your soul? Carman’s Almond, Coconut & Chia Gourmet Porridge makes a wholesome, hot brekkie in just 90 seconds. It’s a yummy blend of Aussie whole grain oats and sliced almonds sprinkled with shreds of coconut and nutrient-rich seeds! Each sachet is 100% natural, vegan friendly and contains less than 4g sugar – perfect for your gym bag or desk draw.

Snacks & Entertainment: Cobs Natural Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet 120g

“We are thrilled that foodies find our ‘ Slightly Sweet Lightly Salted’ popcorn as yummy as we do, it is gluten-free and absolutely nothing artificial added, keep enjoying.” – Ravit Walys, Cobs founder & owner

About the product

At Cobs, we are famous for our Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet popcorn! We were the first to launch this winning combination into the Australian market 13 years ago and it has now become our number one selling product. Our taste profile has been unmatched by any of our competitors and we have built our brand off the back of its success. The entire Cobs range is gluten-free, absolutely nothing artificial and ‘Good from the ground up’. Cobs popcorn available in Coles and Woolworths stores nationally.

Sauces & Condiments: Outback Spirit Provenance Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce

“The team at Outback Spirit are thrilled to have our Outback Spirit Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce chosen by the consumers for the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Awards as the best condiment.”

About the product

Outback Spirit Wild Lime Chilli and Ginger Sauce with pronounced citrus characteristics. Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce is made using the uniquely Australian Native Desert Limes. Outback Spirit Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce is a wonderful dipping sauce for rice paper rolls, spring rolls, sushi, dumplings, meatballs and fish cakes. An awesome quick and simple marinade, pour over your favourite meat, poultry, fish, pork or tofu. Fold Outback Spirit Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce through yoghurt and use as a salad dressing on a warm chicken salad. Outback Spirit Wild Lime Chilli Ginger Sauce is a great table sauce to use every day. It is gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Kitchen & Appliances: Magimix

“We are honoured to receive the award for Kitchen & Appliances. Magimix are renowned for producing quality appliances and it is great to see the readers think so too!”

About the product

Magimix Cook Expert – finally an appliance that truly matches design with functionality. Not only can Cook Expert cook a myriad of dishes from starters to desserts, it can also whisk, steam, blend, puree, mix and make dough in the double wall stainless steel thermo bowl. Cook Expert also converts to a fully fledged food processor allowing you to effortlessly slice, grate, mince, chop and more!

Lunch Box: Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate

About the product

The Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate collection is all indulgence and no guilt, thanks to the addition of stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no gluten or added sugar, it’s a treat that’s easy to feel good about. Whether you love the velvety-smooth texture of dark chocolate or the creamy, melt-in your mouth milk chocolate experience, there is a variety of flavours to suit everyone.

Supplements & Superfoods: Pro-Matrix Naked Whey

“We are delighted that our signature product, naked whey has been announced as the winner of the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice awards in the Supplements & Superfoods Category. We are extremely proud of our 100 per cent natural grass-fed whey protein and love being an essential part of many Australians’ health and fitness journey.” – Lydia Bonic, Pro-Matrix International owner

About the product

From the rich pastures of Australia and NZ, Pro-Matrix is a 100 per cent natural, grass-fed protein engineered to contain only essential ingredients free from everything artificial. Pro-Matrix has an incredible amino acid profile, supporting your body through the many health benefits associated with whey protein. Pro-Matrix is a great addition to sweet and savoury recipes and is available in four flavours: Naked Whey, Wicked Whey, Rough Whey and Wild Whey.

Sweeter Stuff: Zebra Dream Ice Cream

“It’s very encouraging to win the peoples choice awards, thank you for your support, can’t wait to keep making delicious ice cream for you all.” – Zak Bennett, Zebra Dream

About the product

Zebra Dream began as a humble enterprise in 2012 when small batches of handmade coconut ice cream were sold from a selfmade ice cream vending tricycle at markets and festivals around Melbourne. The dream was to create the fantastical – the world’s best organic, dairy-free, vegan, ice cream. Now available nationally, Zebra Dream combines sustainably-sourced organic ingredients to create a nutritious and delicious dairy-free ice cream, full of swirls, chunks and surprises, its pure indulgence at its healthiest.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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