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Down syndrome

Down Syndrome is a disorder caused by extra genetic material on chromosome 21 (trisomy 21). The extra material is due to an error during chromosome separation in the ovum or sperm, prior to conception. People with Down Syndrome are more likely to have congenital heart disease, leukaemia, Alzheimer’s disease, thyroid disorders and infertility. Individuals with Down Syndrome usually have some degree of mental retardation and they experience difficulty in learning everyday life skills.

Risk factors: maternal age (>34) and heredity.

Physical traits: poor muscle tone, flat facial profile, small midface, depressed nose bridge, low set ears, furrowed tongue, slanted eyes, single palmar crease and small head.

Who to consult: Dentist, herbalist, GP, naturopath, optometrist, osteopath, physical therapist, podiatrist, psychologist, speech pathologist.