Foods for healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss is achievable through a sustained, long-term approach rather than a quick fix. The key to healthy and long lasting weight loss lies in dietary and lifestyle change. Simply adopting healthy eating practices works to enhance the weight loss process and will also allow you to experience the benefits of improved mood and higher energy levels.


Changing your diet to ensure you receive the correct intake and balance of foods is essential for weight loss. A diet that aids healthy weight loss does not necessarily connote a diet of bland, flavourless foods. In fact, there are diverse options to choose from across the food groups that are appetising and tasteful and will enhance your weight loss experience.
Grains and weight loss

Wholegrains are rich sources of fibre and are also packed with nutrients. Grains provide long lasting energy and curb the appetite, making them very important for weight loss.

Breads or grains such as rye and wholemeal are low GI, meaning they offer long lasting energy release. Other beneficial grains to try in order to assist with the weight loss process include rice, pasta, noodles, oats, barley and wheat germ.

Vegetables and weight loss
Vegetables can also aid in the process of weight loss as they are a source of fibre which creates a feeling of fullness and thus reduces your appetite. They also have a low kilojoule count.

Vegetables in general provide a range of Health benefits. Especially try leafy green vegetables, beetroot, sweet potatoes, capsicum and white coloured vegetables such as onion and cauliflower for a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Protein and weight loss

Protein increases the level of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, in your brain which tells you when your stomach is full. Protein also helps your body build new cells and having small servings during each meal can help with weight loss.

Beneficial sources of protein include eggs, fish, chicken and soy.

Dairy and weight loss

Dairy foods offer an excellent source of protein and calcium. There is growing evidence that these foods can enhance weight loss, so long as total energy intake is less than what the body requires.
Enjoy lower fat varieties of soft cheeses such as fetta or ricotta, yoghurt and kefir, a cultured milk. Along with enhancing weight loss, dairy products such as yoghurt help with digestion.

Weight loss and fruit

Fresh fruit is a great substitute for a sugary, fatty snack and furthermore they are full of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They also help keep sugar cravings down throughout the day.

Enjoy fruit along with your morning cereal or an afternoon snack. Choose from antioxidant rich berries, crunchy apples, pears, melons, papaya, banana and the list goes on!  

Legumes, nuts and seeds
These foods are convenient snacks that can easily be packed into a lunch box or taken to work. Legumes, nuts and seeds are a nutritious addition to a meal and assist in the weight loss process.

Nuts such as pistachios, macadamias, almonds and cashews provide a range of minerals. It is best to choose unsalted varieties. Although nuts are loaded in fat, the fat is unsaturated and may actually aid weight loss and does have disease-fighting properties. Legumes are a beneficial source of fibre and seeds can be enjoyed raw, roasted or added into salads.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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