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Manic depressive disorder (bipolar mood disorder)

Manic depressive disorder is a condition that initially starts as depression and then alternates with depression and mania. A person may have severe changes in mood from being elated and feeling invincible to being miserable and suicidal. The depressive state is often characterised by a lack of motivation, loss self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness. The periods of mania are spontaneous are involve boundless energy, uncontrolled activity, accelerated mental activity and inevitably distraction. In childhood the symptoms of manic depressive disorder can appear similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder and schizophrenia, so misdiagnosis is common.

Cause: extreme stress, heredity, childhood trauma, depleted monoamines in the brain.

Symptoms: withdrawal from society, change in sleep patterns, loss of interest in work and hobbies, extreme pessimism, sudden rage, chronic irritability, loss of inhibition and changes in sexual behaviour.

Who to consult: Dietician, GP, herbalist, homoeopath, naturopath, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist.