Relax, rebalance, and revive with a wellness retreat at the luxurious Elements of Byron.

The wellness element

Relax. Rebalance. Revive. It’s no wonder that these terms form the foundations of the wellness retreat program at Elements of Byron. This luxurious resort acknowledges that everyone’s journey to wellness is different. Visitors are able to choose their own retreat experience by selecting from a number of activities designed to help them reach a state of peace, from guided rainforest walks to beachside sunrise yoga to a horse ride by the ocean or even an indulgent facial at Osprey Spa.

Relax, rebalance and revive

Elements of Byron first invites the guest to relax and disconnect from the stresses of the outside world, whether that’s achieved while swaying in a sunbed or cosying up around the sunken firepit.

Next, it’s time to rebalance — to focus on the breath and the mind, and gain a sense of inner peace. The perfect place to do this is at Osprey Spa, where the team are experts at tension release and muscle placement. Here, you can enjoy everything from a massage treatment to a relaxing float tank experience.

Finally, guests will revive themselves through movement, strength and empowerment. Strengthen your body with HIT or personal training sessions, or connect with nature and enjoy a surfing, bike-riding or kayaking experience. And of course, all this physical activity needs the right nourishment, and it’s delivered via the unforgettable cuisine prepared at the Azure Bar and Grill. All this will leave you feeling bold, brave and ready to tackle life again with new clarity and purpose.

In your element

Elements of Byron is the perfect place to reach a state of optimised wellness due not just to its facilities but its location. Opened in 2016, the resort was designed to be a natural haven that complemented the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

“My dream at the time of purchasing the property was to build our retirement house there, but zoning precluded us from doing this,” owner Peggy Flannery says. “My thoughts then turned to a luxury resort that would be gentle on the land, low-scale and fit in with the existing natural landscape. A place where buildings did not dominate.”

Indeed, there’s no doubt that the finished product truly meets this vision. Nature is the hero at Elements, with the surrounding lush rainforest and the golden shores of Belongil Beach the stars of the escape. “The accommodation was carefully nestled into the existing landscape and around waterbodies and trees, which were then rejuvenated with another 175,000 native plants to re-establish the natural ecologies,” development director Jeremy Holmes says. “All buildings were kept single storey to support this and the building footprint is less than 10 per cent of the property.”

Wellness, your way

The many features of Elements of Byron makes achieving wellness here all too easy. We’ve mentioned the Osprey Spa, but another unmissable retreat highlight has to be the Central Lagoon Swimming Pool, where guests can enjoy private cabanas before taking a dip in the heated 850,000-litre infinity lagoon pool. For those looking for a quieter experience, get your toes wet in the adult’s exclusive pool — and make sure you enjoy some delectable Mexican cuisine from the Summer Salt Bar in your private cabana while you’re at it.

Alternatively, enjoy a breathtaking panoramic sea view at the Botanica Beach Club while you sip on one of the bar’s signature cocktails crafted using locally made gin.
With all these enticing options, we’re sure you won’t have time for a trip into town — but if you do feel like getting out and about in the heart of Byron Bay, the nearest solar train station is located directly across the road from the resort.

Elements of Byron

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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