Four fabulous reasons to visit Thailand

Surf, sand, and safety are a recipe for success in Thailand.


After the last few months, it’s safe to say we’re ready for a vacation. Yet with concerns about COVID-19 and political and civil unrest happening in many parts of the world, our options do feel rather limited.

Thankfully, Thailand not only boasts multiple ways to enhance your wellbeing, but it’s recently been voted as the safest place to visit in the world by German travel company Tourane.

Here are four reasons we’re looking forward to jumping on a plane there soon:

1. They’re all about safety first

Thailand has been repeatedly praised for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a low number of cases detected overall and a long period of time when zero cases were recorded.

In July 2020, Thailand was listed as the safest place to visit in the world by Tourane. This rating was based upon Thailand’s low number of recorded infections, coupled with their moderate population density, hours of sunshine per day available for outdoor activity, and the ability to fly there direct.

2. Koh Samui

Okay, so it’s a destination, not a reason, but we’re sure you’ll agree Koh Samui is, without a doubt, one of the most enticing holiday locations in the world. It’s a reason to visit Thailand in and of itself.

From its picturesque palm-fringed beaches to the lush density of the mountainous rainforest, Koh Samui ticks all the holiday boxes. It’s home to many wellness retreats and spas and caters to a variety of budgets, making it a great choice for travellers from all walks of life.

The benefits for your body and mind

Thailand is home to a number of fantastic health retreats and spas that will enrich your body and soul. Many offer programs designed to promote your wellbeing, with some tailoring experiences to suit your specific needs. From massage to yoga to detox, the options are endless.

4. It’s another world away — but travel takes less than a day

Travelling to Thailand takes somewhere between seven and 10 hours, depending on where in Australia you live. Yet despite this relatively quick journey, stepping foot on Thai shores can leave you feeling worlds away from the everyday stresses of home.
Not only that, but you can fly to Thailand direct from many major Australian airports. This is not only convenient but also limits the risk of any potential infection as you minimise stopovers and therefore unnecessary contact with people in locations where the virus may not be as well contained.


Top health retreats and breaks

If you’re looking to visit Thailand for a wellness experience you won’t forget, why not try:

  • Kamalaya Koh Samui: From finding your emotional balance to conducting a detox, this retreat has you covered the minute you walk in the door and begin your personal consultation. For more, visit
  • Anantara Lawana Koh Samui: This luxurious wellness retreat is designed to help reset your body’s rhythms. Enjoy morning yoga on the beach and then partake in as little or as many of the resort’s activities as you’d like. For more, visit
  • Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui: Choose from 22 different programs at Absolute Sanctuary and enjoy a truly holistic approach to wellness. Whether you’d like to detox, de-stress or simply embark on a meaningful holiday, this is a great destination. For more, visit
  • Kapuhala Samui: Fitness, nutrition, and social living are celebrated at Kapuhala Samui, a vegan property featuring a plant-based restaurant and rooftop cocktail lounge. For more, visit
  • Tamarind Springs Forest Spa: Your journey to complete relaxation begins at Tamarind Springs Forest Spa. This retreat is hidden away in the forest and offers many packages, from massage to steam and hot stone treatments. For more, visit

For more information visit

Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore

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