Hawaiian bowl of light

The Hawaiian bowl of light

During a healing conference on the Big Island of Hawaii called Ke Kumu (meaning the source), I learned about a Hawaiian belief all people are born with a bowl of light.

As the graceful master of hula Kaualoku Aiu explained “Hawaiians say when you are born you have a calabash (bowl) full of light, full of power, full of goodness, full of life.”

This bowl of light sits around your sacral chakra often known as the na’au in Hawaiian.

I imagine this beautiful light beaming out of my centre, showing the whole universe this is me – this is my light of energy. It seems a beautiful way to impress we are made of light particles which creates an energy making each of us so unique, full of bubbling promise.

Bowl of light – Photo: Renee @ Spirit Sorbet

So what happens when we don’t feel so good?

When darkness finds us or we have difficulty exuding our natural-born confidence and character?

Who or what is putting our light out?

Kaualoku says “it is you that puts that light out”.

She continues: “we put a little ili’ili (a sand pebble) in our calabash every time you are unwilling to forgive and every time you scold yourself so unmercifully because of your failures.  It is when you begin to close out all the light that illness begins to take over.”

This makes sense. As we dull our energy, we dull the whole body’s ability to thrive with vitality and create an easy way for more blech energy to enter into our system, drain us or stay there and grow. It is an often cited paradigm that energy never leaves, it just changes form. So too with bacteria, parasites (of miniscule and human form) or just plain bad people entering our lives easily when our light no longer keeps them at bay.

As we dull our energy, we dull the whole body’s ability to thrive with vitality and create an easy way for more blech energy to enter into our system.

Kaualoku suggests in order to keep our light strong, we should hi’uwai (an ocean cleanse) in the morning and let it all go. The same can be done using a visualisation of picking up each pebble we have gathered throughout the day and throwing it into the ocean of the world ~ leaving it for the universe to cleanse.

“Our kupuna (elders) teach us, when we go to bed at night to let it go. Let it go.”

After all, why choose to carry rocks other people put there? A negative comment; nasty abuse; a physical slight; maybe an enormous deceit, betrayal or hurt. Why choose to carry the heaviness of what originally is somebody else’s rock of judgement … when these rocks do not even belong to you?

Isn’t it easier to empty your bowl of all the pebbles and rocks; allow your beaming Beauty, your character, your spirit, to shine through and keep it light ?

Warmest Renee

Disclaimer: this blog post is intended as a beautiful and thought-provoking article for entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for medical care.  No representations are made as to the completeness of any information and the author is not liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the use of this information. 


Renee Bes

Renee Bes

Renee Bes is an international journalist and author who loves delving into the spiral of energy which keeps our Earth spinning: and believes storytelling with a focus on beloved language and powerful words can be a healing journey. Read more articles on her personal website and blog.

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