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The meaning behind “The Flower of Life”

In challenging times, as we deal with epidemics and war, it can be helpful to elevate your mind, and sometimes you can turn to ancient wisdom to help with that. The sacred geometry embedded in the symbol known as “the Flower of Life” has been acknowledged for centuries. From Egypt to Plato and Leonardo da Vinci, “the Flower” has been regarded as having mystical properties that can change your soul.

Nature Care College: learning about what it means to be ‘well’

Now more than ever, people are seeking more fulfilling, purposeful lives and are looking to the world of health and wellbeing to find it. Science and research are telling us that how we think, feel, see and engage with the world affects our cellular biology (overall health). This is something that the ancient healers and civilisations of the world have known for thousands of years.