Growth, Love And Wealth, According To The Astrological Wheel Of Life

Growth, love and wealth, according to the astrological wheel of life

Every age has a special topic and theme according to the astrological wheel of life. According to your age and the ancient Greek technique of profections, find out when you should focus on areas like money, family, health, relationships and your career.

One of the simplest timing tools in astrology is also one of the most ancient. Known as annual profections, and used by the ancient Greeks, this technique links your age to one of the 12 houses, in a repeating 12-year cycle.

To work with this technique, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the 12 houses. Take a look at the diagram to find out the basic keywords and concepts for each of the houses. Since each house in your birth chart describes a specific set of topics and themes, working with annual profections can give you insight and guidance for the main areas to focus on for your next 12 months. Your annual profected house will give you tips and clues as to where in your life you’re ready for growth, healing and progress.

As you can see from the houses diagram below, all of the main topics you deal with in life are linked to one or another of the 12 houses. These keywords are just the basics of what’s associated with each house; they’ll give you a sense of the main topics and the general theme.

The Astrological Houses
The Astrological Houses

Your birthday year

Birthdays are especially important in astrology. There are many timing cycles that are linked to your age, including the solar return or birthday chart, as well as age-based methods like annual profections. In simple terms, a number of your timing and predictive cycles will reset on your birthday. This means the energy and planets influencing your life will change as you celebrate your birthday each year.

There are many layers to astrology, and the more detailed it becomes the more specific and relevant to you it will be.

Your personal, annual profected year is timed to your birthday. The “year”, as we’re referring to it, will start on your birthday — when you turn a new age — and continue for 12 months until your next birthday, when you turn a different age. It’s important to remember that this year is not the calendar year; it’s much more personal. You might think of your birthday as your personal new year. As your age changes, you cycle from one of the 12 houses to the next, taking a step forward on a journey that helps you explore and develop every facet of your life over a 12-year period.

Reset and refocus with the first house

As the annual profection system is based on the number 12, any birthday when your age is a multiple of 12 becomes extra special as it highlights the start of a new 12-year growth cycle. This includes the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96. While these birthdays are not usually celebrated with great fanfare in society, in astrology you’ll be encouraged to reset and refocus, and to set new goals, challenges and projects for the next cycle on these “first house” birthdays. Each of these birthdays, when your age can be divided by 12, highlights the first house in your birth chart.

The first house is the most “you” part of your chart. At these ages, it’s almost as if you’ve got cosmic permission to put yourself first. Personal growth and self-development are highlighted, so these will be great ages to make time for self-discovery. This theme can be like your birthday wish, and you could take time each week or month during that year to explore or enjoy something fun just for you.

Health and wellbeing are also linked to the first house, as this is the part of the chart to do with life force and vitality. These ages can also help you learn how to best care for your body. If you have been neglecting your physical wellbeing, it’s at these ages that you might take a more proactive approach to eating well, exercise and self-care.

Money and abundance

Your income, cash flow, savings and spending habits are linked to the second house and will be highlighted when you are 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and 85. These can be major years where you update your financial position, establish a healthy savings habit or finally tackle any debt you want to pay down. A second house year is also a great year to boost your income, work towards a raise or promotion or look for extra work, like turning a hobby into an income-producing side hustle. During these years you might deal with a money matter that’s been ignored, or finally sort out your financial paperwork. The efforts you make towards improving your overall finances in your second house years can help you create lasting financial security.

Home and family

It’s the fourth house in your birth chart that describes the topics of home, including your living situation and family, from describing your childhood and family of origin to the types of setting that gives you comfort at home. When you’re 3, 15, 27, 39, 51, 63, 75 and 87 you’re in a fourth house year by profection. During these years you might make a major decision or change around your home and living situation or experience a significant event with family. This could involve a move or renovation, or the buying or selling of property. Your attention will be drawn towards more personal, rather than public, matters. You might find yourself staying out of the limelight or even spending more time at home, perhaps hosting friends or family for dinner rather than going out. A family project may become a priority or you might be supporting your parents or children more than usual. All the different pieces of your domestic life will be highlighted during a fourth house year.


There are two houses in the chart that influence your health. The first house is about vitality and wellbeing, while the sixth house describes illness and any type of physical ailment than can impact your wellbeing. When you’re in a first house year (outlined above) you’ll be more easily able to support and improve wellbeing and vitality. When you are in a sixth house year, you might need to take more care of your health, like guarding against getting ill, or dealing with symptoms of any ongoing or underlying health conditions you might have.

If you have been neglecting your physical wellbeing, it’s at these ages that you might take a more proactive approach to eating well, exercise and self-care.

Not everyone will have health themes come up during a sixth house year, but if health is a big area of focus for you normally, then these years might be years where you are getting essential treatments and medications, or you might undergo a medical procedure of some kind. Your sixth house is highlighted at the age of 5, 17, 29, 41, 53, 65, 77 and 89. Being extra kind to your body in these years, including avoiding overwork and stress and making time to exercise and eat well, will help ensure you have a solid foundation of health to draw on for the future.

Love and relationships

The main house in the birth chart for relationships is the seventh house, the setting or western place. In addition, the fifth house, the house of pleasure and the house where Venus has her joy, can also bring romance and wonderful experiences into your life. Your fifth house will be highlighted when you are 4, 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76 and 88. Your seventh house of relationships is highlighted when you are 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78 and 90.

During these years you might be more interested in prioritising a partner, or even want to collaborate with others, like with a friend or a colleague. You’ll want company rather than to be alone and may be more willing to compromise to support a loved one. If you’re single at one of these ages, you have cosmic support to help you meet someone new, so being proactive to improve your love life can help if you do want to meet a partner. If you have a partner and are already in a relationship at these ages, reorganise your time, schedule and other responsibilities so that you have more energy for your partner and to grow your relationship. Nurturing and developing your most important relationships will be top priority.


Your tenth house of career is also associated with fame, success and honours, and describes the most public and highly visible part of your chart. During your tenth house years, which happen at ages 9, 21, 33, 45, 57, 69 and 81, you may be in the spotlight or more visible than usual. You may receive an honour or award or find yourself achieving a major life or professional milestone.

You might even be in the press or media for an achievement. The choices and experiences you have during these tenth house, career years can set you up for a new 12-year professional cycle. If you want to strike out in a new direction at work or you want to meet someone who has a high profile or is well established, your efforts during a tenth house year can help you reach for the stars.

Twelve-year cycles

Even though everyone has the same topics highlighted at the same age, the specifics of what happens, and even whether you’ll experience these age-related topics in a welcome happy manner or via stressors or challenges, will depend on your personal astrology chart.

For example, while everyone has a second house in their chart, you’ll have a unique combination of sign and planets that influence your second house, which shows how your experience of money, income and cash flow will be unique and different from others. If you’re not sure how your upcoming money or relationships years might go, reflect on the age when that house and those topics were previously highlighted for you. Events from 12 years ago can provide some clues.

In addition, for a truly detailed look at your annual profection year, astrologers also look to the ruling planet of the sign on that house in your birth chart. This planet is given a special term, known as the “time lord”, for that birthday year. Its condition in your natal chart, and in your solar return or birthday chart, will provide additional insight and clues as to the quality of your experiences around the topics highlighted by your age.

Planetary threads

Astrologers also use a series of planets, some of which also influence your experience around certain topics. For instance, Jupiter is associated with wealth and abundance. If you know your personal chart, find the house that holds the planet Jupiter. Even though you might not have Jupiter in the second house of money, you’re still likely to explore money and wealth topics when your age brings you to the house where you have Jupiter. In most charts, Jupiter is a positive, helpful and abundant influence, showing that this age can be a personal year of abundance and wealth for you.

If you want an extra year to explore love and relationships, in addition to the seventh and fifth house years mentioned above, look to the house where you have Venus, the planet of love, affection and relationship. When your age brings you to that house in your chart, you’ll have another special 12-month period to enhance your love life and improve the quality of your most important relationships.

There are many layers to astrology, and the more detailed it becomes the more specific and relevant to you it will be. Learning to time your life through the houses can help you access cosmic wisdom to help guide your choices and support you in blossoming in a holistic and well-rounded way.

Kelly Surtees

Kelly Surtees

With more than 14 years in private practice, Kelly Surtees is experienced, warm and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include career and life direction, health and fertility, love, health and happiness. Kelly is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year.

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