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Your baby’s personality!

Your baby’s Sun sign will give you an insight into his emerging personality. By understanding the primal thrust of your baby’s birth sign you are able to provide the most receptive environment for your child to blossom into the person he has the potential to be.

Astrologically speaking, your baby’s Sun sign often represents an energy that is currently lacking in the relationship you share with the baby’s father. The baby therefore complements and deepens the bond between new parents in ways specific to their Sun sign.

Your baby’s Sun sign will give you an insight into his emerging personality. By understanding the primal thrust of your baby’s birth sign you are able to provide the most receptive environment for your child to blossom into the person he has the potential to be. Keep in mind that a birth chart contains many influences of which the Sun Sign is only one, and your child may have stronger energies that override his Sun sign. However, at the heart of every little soul will be a desire to creatively open up in ways denoted by his Sun sign. @BC2:Astrologically speaking, your baby’s Sun sign often represents an energy that is currently lacking in the relationship you share with the baby’s father. The baby therefore complements and deepens the bond between new parents in ways specific to his Sun sign.


Aries Baby (March 21-April 20)

The Aries baby is a Cardinal Fire sign and requires lots of movement and stimulation. She is likely to be an active baby who can be impatient and demanding if her needs aren’t immediately met. Aries energy is most active in the morning, so your child will likely be an early riser. Aries is a self-focused sign, so introducing baby to the concept of sharing with others is important. Setting clear boundaries around ownership will be useful. Aries energy is impulsive and quick to act, so your child will be a little headstrong. Born under the ancient sign of the warrior, and with the God of War Mars as planetary ruler, this baby is naturally challenge-oriented. Tension may result from efforts to assert herself as a strong individual. The fights and disagreements this child ends up in are not a result of trying to hurt another, but to show she is more capable than others. As a parent to an Aries infant, find healthy challenges (such as sports) that help your baby grow in confidence. Keep in mind, however, that your Aries baby is not likely to be a team player!


Taurus Baby (April 21-May 20)

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and Taurean energy in the body is characterised by a stocky build, possibly an infant who is quite heavy at birth. This child loves his food and will be looking for solids (real food!) earlier than other babies. Taurus is a slow and steady energy and this child will take his time to reach key milestones (those that aren’t related to food!). Creature comforts are important to this baby — comfy clothes, cuddles and warm baths, along with regular feeding. Anything that is pleasing to the senses will appeal. This child may have sensitivities to synthetic fabrics. Taurean babies, ruled by luscious Venus, respond very well to touch — they are more tactile than most signs. Your Taurean baby’s primary urge is to enjoy the pleasures of life. Getting him involved in the kitchen is a great way to encourage this. The Taurus baby wants to be present in the moment, without having to rush or plan for something later on. This infant is slow to get going and will need lots of preparation time around waking up and getting ready.


Gemini Baby (May 21-June 21

Being a Mutable Air sign this little one needs to have her mind occupied. Naturally curious and inquisitive, this baby longs for lots of toys and playthings. The desire for constant and ever-changing stimulation means this is one baby who is easily distracted — especially at mealtimes and when it comes to sleeping. Minimising disturbances and distractions during feeding will help to prevent excessive wind. Gemini, and its ruler Mercury, bring a gift for the mind so words may come early for this baby. Playmates are very important for the Gemini baby — this celestial sign of the twin is constantly looking for its other half. You will notice as the baby becomes a toddler the mischief always seems to happen when her favoured buddy is around. A natural joker your Gemini infant has a keen intellect and requires mental stimulation galore. This baby is here to learn and pick up information and facts — to accumulate knowledge.


Cancer Baby (June 22-July 22)

This Moon-ruled baby is a Cardinal Water sign and sensitive at heart. Your Cancer baby longs for the closeness of family and prefers to stay close to mum. Tummy upsets will be more common for Cancerian infants and are often an indicator of an emotionally unsettled inner state. Being a Water sign, this baby is at the whim of her feelings, which may be hard to understand before she speaks. It will be important to create feelings of safety and security around this child. Water images and sounds will soothe and settle. A security blanket or teddy will help Cancer babies feel safe even when out of the home environment. Caring for those close to her helps make the Cancerian child feel important. Cancerian energy thrives on being able to help those she cares for — this makes those born under the sign of the crab feel worthwhile. This baby will show concern and care for others from a young age.


Leo Baby (July 23-August 23)

The Fixed Fire sign of the regal Lion demands that all the focus be on him. Like the Sun that rules Leo, your Leo baby is most happy when the world out there revolves around him. Leo babies look for adoration in the eyes of those around to feel worthy inside. As an infant, attention will be sought (and likely given!) as this baby seeks to establish who belongs in his pride. Your Leo child will be playful and energetic, just wanting to have fun and enjoy the experience of play. The Leo baby’s hair will be a feature in some way — be sure to take good care of the "mane" as the baby grows. Like the Lion (and cats in general), Leo babies seek attention and pampering. Lots of cuddles will go down a treat. This baby may be a little high-maintenance and require more rocking and cuddling than most. Pride is easily dented in your Leo baby — tread gently and always reassure this regal child they are loved, adored and wanted. Creative play, including art and drama, can help to instil a strong sense of self-confidence.


Virgo Baby (August 24-September 22)

This Mutable Earth sign baby longs for a routine more than most. The digestive system is an area of focus with Virgo energy and this little one can suffer from colic or an upset stomach easily. Establish a routine early and stick to it with a Virgo infant. Virgo energy thrives on order. Keeping systems for daily activities as this baby grows into a toddler will help the child feel in control. A key lesson for those born under this organised sign is to learn that sometimes things will have to be out of order. As a mother to a baby Virgo, keeping calm amid the chaos will show your baby that general chaos is not always a bad thing. Creating a specific space for special toys helps set up rituals for the Virgo baby that help him feel secure. This is empowering and provides him with a sense of inner control. Mercury rules this intelligent sign and true logic appears early.


Libra Baby (September 23-October 23)

Your Libran baby, being Cardinal Air, is a social and generally pleasant baby. They look for balance in the world around them and appreciate, even as infants, the attention to detail that makes something really beautiful. With Venus as her planetary ruler, your Libran infant will want to be dressed just so. Picking outfits will be a key milestone as the baby grows — though the Libran indecisiveness may show its head early. Giving the child just one or two options will help to curtail the lengthy decision-making process. Encouraging assertiveness and decisiveness early is paramount. This baby likes company and will do well in playgroup environments. Libran energy comes with an innate understanding of what is socially acceptable. Watch out for your young one putting others’ needs before her own. Libran energy has a strong appreciation of art and beauty; even male Librans are more aware of styling than other signs.


Scorpio Baby (October 24-November 22)

The Fixed Water sign of Scorpio produces a deep and often brooding baby. Their contemplative nature can be easily mistaken for shyness. Don’t doubt that the wheels are turning behind his dark eyes. Your Scorpio baby considers situations deeply. Intense and at times controlling, like his planetary rulers Mars and Pluto, this baby comes with an inbuilt loyalty that is stronger than iron. He will have an instant awareness of who is family and who is not. The Scorpio child needs time on his own to let his intense little mind whirl over events he has experienced. This child has a lot of personal power; as a parent it is your role to show him positive ways of harnessing the strong will he has at his disposal. This is a sign of holding on and never letting go, which can manifest as troubles with constipation. You will often catch your Scorpio baby staring intently at those around him — almost as if he can work out what makes people tick if he stares hard and long enough. That is the essence of the Scorpio baby’s journey — to find out what makes himself and others tick.


Sagittarius Baby (November 23-December 21)

A Mutable Fire sign, this is one baby constantly on the move. Curious and inquisitive, your Sagittarius child is sure there is something more interesting around the next corner, in the other room — anywhere but where she is now. This baby loves movement of any kind and keeping her fairly active during wake time will help tire her out so she can settle. Matters of faith and religion are high priorities for this soul. Introducing her to a spiritual or religious practice will help with her search for meaning. As this baby grows she will look for meaning and purpose to key events, so be ready with some answers! Jovial and clown-like, this baby will entertain those around for hours. Periodically, though, her enthusiasm for life fades and a melancholy can set in. Keeping buoyant even when your Sagittarius baby flattens helps her feel as though the world is OK out there. With Jupiter as ruling planet your Sagittarius baby comes with an endless supply of optimism, however.


Capricorn Baby (December 22-January 20)

Your Capricorn baby may seem much older than his years. A steadiness and almost "been there done that" vibe wafts off those born under this sign. While most of his childhood is likely to be spent as the reserved, practical or responsible one, as your Capricorn child gets older in life years, he becomes much younger at heart. Wise and informed, it will be hard to pull the wool over the eyes of this baby. He will prefer to know the truth from the start. Your Capricorn baby is generally very reliable and as an elder sibling will be a great help when the younger ones come along. Like his planetary ruler Saturn, your Capricorn baby has abundant inner strength and ability to endure. As an infant a lot of gentleness that is honest will help cushion him against the world out there. This baby is here to climb a mountain or two — one step at a time. No need to rush this soul; he has it all planned out and seems to know exactly where he is going.


Aquarius Baby (January 21-February 17)

A Fixed Air sign, your Aquarius baby will be hard to budge once she has set her mind to something. A natural inclination to rebel and do things differently will have you as a parent scrambling for ways to stay on top of your Aquarian baby. A little freedom to let her explore and carve a unique niche for herself in the world is a good idea. They are curious and love social interaction and may speak early. Aquarians can sometimes feel like they’re the black sheep of the Zodiac and so giving acceptance and instilling a sense of belonging to this baby will be a key to supporting her on her solar journey this lifetime. Like her rulers Uranus and Saturn, this is one baby who wants to do things her own way. You may find you have to come up with a different approach to more conventional methods of baby rearing. Whatever method of child rearing you choose, your Aquarian baby will want a unique routine that is personalised to her. This is one soul who won’t fit so easily into moulds that other babies may conform to.


Pisces Baby (February 18-March 20)

A Mutable Water sign, your Pisces infant is easygoing and generally a bundle of gentleness. Your Pisces baby may seem to be all too often off with the fairies — and he usually is! Giving him the space and creative environment to explore the magical world inside his mind is paramount. A dreamy child, your Pisces baby may well have trouble focusing on the task at hand (such as feeding), due to being easily distracted. As your Pisces baby grows, plenty of time for play and exploration are required. With nebulous rulers like Jupiter and Neptune, anything a little otherworldly will fascinate this Piscean child. Water helps soothe your baby’s soul and giving your Piscean baby baths and trips to the ocean will have a calming effect. Pisces energy is extra sensitive to what is happening around them, so keeping the baby’s environment worry-free will help to create a settled infant. This baby is here to learn about the untouchable side of life — involve him in spiritual or religious matters early, but be sure to let him take his own path when he seeks it.

Cardinal babies are quick to take action. If they hit a brick wall, these infants will change tack to get around anything in their way. Impulsiveness and initiation are key characteristics of this group. (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed babies are stable and reliable. Sometimes stubborn and headstrong, they know where they are going and aren’t keen to change for anyone. Give them time to move at their own pace. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable babies are flexible and chameleon-like. They adapt to changes in circumstances around them easily. This can make it difficult for them to see a plan through to completion. (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)



Fire babies are active and energised. They are the inspirers and leaders of the Zodiac. Passionate and sometimes easy to provoke, they keep the energy moving. (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Earth babies are placid and generally calm. They are happy with a settled routine and can keep to arrangements that are practical. (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Air babies are curious and inquisitive. They’re looking for communication and interaction with others. They are the inventors of the Zodiac. (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Water babies are the feelers of the Zodiac. More closely in tune with their feelings they will follow heart over head every time. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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The WellBeing Team

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