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Discover fresh energy and growth as Jupiter enters Scorpio


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Jupiter is a lucky, helpful planet. Jupiter’s path through the sky provides clues as to how and where you’re ready to grow. On October 10, 2017, Jupiter enters transformative Scorpio for a 12-month cycle that brings fresh energy around growth and expansion, and indicates we’re all ready for progress and insights in new areas of life.

The cycle of Jupiter takes 12 years, so it’s only once in that longer period that Jupiter visits each zodiac sign. The opportunities you encounter while Jupiter tours Scorpio have been 12 years in the making.

The inner growth around appreciating your value can boost your confidence in all areas of life.

Scorpio is the deepest, most insightful of all the signs. As a water sign, Scorpio is sensitive, private and loyal. It’s also a fixed sign, which means it can be slow to initiate change. However, once planets in Scorpio set their mind to something they’ll see it through till the end.

A sign of strategy and profound curiosity, Scorpio always wants to know more. Planets in Scorpio help you dig deep into your true motivations and can help you clarify hidden fears. Healing treatments of all kinds can be especially effective during this cycle.

Abundance and fertility

Jupiter in Scorpio offers rewards after a period of great effort, or once you’ve gone through a period of intense and cathartic growth. It’s also about the deep joy that comes from loyalty and trust.

During the Jupiter-in-Scorpio cycle you’ll have opportunities to leave behind old wounds and pain, and to deepen your sense of self. As you get in touch with your most authentic needs and emotional cravings, you’ll be more motivated to live and act in a way that truly feeds your soul.

Both Jupiter and Scorpio are associated with fertility, so this pairing may inspire a mini baby boom. However, fertility is not just about conception and birth: it also describes welcome growth and highlights this period as a time of abundance. This abundance may be financial, but it’s just as likely to be emotional and inspirational. You may discover an abundance of desire that drives you forward, or connect with the emotional energy you need to commit to a dream.

Planets in Scorpio help you dig deep into your true motivations and can help you clarify hidden fears.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the action planet. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, you may go on a search for meaning or discover the right path to fulfilment for you. Action that’s inspired by your sense of faith is possible and you may gain the confidence or drive to go after a major goal.

Each of us will be influenced by Jupiter in Scorpio in special and unique ways. Here’s a look at how you can unlock opportunity during this longer 12-month trend. If you know your chart, read for your ascendant or rising sign as well as your star or sun sign.


You’re ready to learn the secrets of financial abundance as Jupiter in Scorpio highlights investments, taxes, inheritance planning and couple or family finances. You may organise funding for a new business venture or realise an asset you invested in has grown in value. This can be a time of unlocking equity or taking advantage of wealth you have worked hard to create. If you have debt, Jupiter can motivate you to take on a debt reduction challenge and power through a repayment plan. A bonus or windfall may arrive through a partner, at work or in your personal life.


New insights and special experiences in your most important relationships are likely during Jupiter’s tour of Scorpio. Your secret to success for this cycle is teamwork and partnership. Working with a significant other, at work or in your personal life, can lead to more happiness and satisfaction than you could create working solo. You’ll learn more about what you really want from a partner and in a relationship. You might find it easier to take a leap of faith in a love relationship as Jupiter encourages trust. Progress in relationships is likely, as you are ready to take the next step with someone special. Single? This is a great cycle for meeting someone new.


New dedication to your health and fitness or a transitional work project is likely. Jupiter in Scorpio activates an apprenticeship cycle for you, showing you’re ready to master a new skill or talent. You may be busier on a daily or weekly basis, as Jupiter in Scorpio brings an abundance of tasks and opportunities your way. Your mission is to have a clear vision of your purpose; that way, you’ll know which offers are the best fit for you. A great opportunity at the wrong time is worth declining so you can focus your energy on the goals and plans that matter most. A new eating or exercise strategy can unlock improvements in wellbeing, physically and emotionally.


You’re in luck, as Jupiter in Scorpio highlights happiness, relaxation, romance and children. This can be a fun-filled and meaningful time, where you explore a creative outlet or find new ways to balance ambition with downtime. Happy news about children may arrive or you may support a child or grandchild in pursuing a special adventure of their own. Dating and relationship situations can improve and you’ll make quality time more of a priority. This can be a passionate and fulfilling cycle, especially in your personal life. Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime theatre performance or treat yourself to season tickets to your favourite opera or ballet company.


An upgrade at home is possible, as Jupiter in Scorpio brings new possibilities into your living situation and with family. You might expand your family or splurge on a luxury addition to your Home. A move, renovation or relocation is also possible. Jupiter in Scorpio can bring welcome progress in your personal life. This cycle highlights family and history, so you may spend more time with your extended family or dive into your roots by exploring your ancestry. You might Travel to your hometown or visit a location significant to your family history. Having a stable home base and nourishing relationships with family can give you the confidence and support you need to be successful in other areas of life.


Communication and self-expression are your secrets to success with Jupiter in Scorpio. You’ll learn new ways to share your thoughts and ideas, and may find a larger audience interested in what you have to say. Communication strategies may interest you or you may splurge and upgrade your phone or other tech devices. Learning, study, research and teaching are also highlighted as Jupiter in Scorpio helps expand your mind. As you mentally consider new possibilities, you’ll start to crave a more interesting and satisfying existence. Take that course, go on that trip and listen to the wise words of others. You’re naturally thoughtful and analytical, but your ideas and suggestions can be pure brilliance with Jupiter in Scorpio.


New success with money is possible, as Jupiter in Scorpio highlights cash flow, income, savings and spending habits. You might increase your income through a raise, promotion or bonus, or finally show a profit from a side business. Your earning potential is limitless, so boldly chat to your boss or clients about money. Behind the tangible improvements in a healthier savings account, a higher salary or less debt lie even more significant emotional perks. Jupiter in Scorpio helps you understand your value. You’ll get clear on the skills, insights and talents you have that others want. Knowing this makes it easier to ask for a raise or discuss money. The inner growth around appreciating your value can boost your confidence in all areas of life.


You are your own secret weapon. With Jupiter in Scorpio you’re in a golden, once-in-12-years period of personal growth and self-development. This is your time to pursue a pet project or finally move forward with plans around health and fitness. You might feel a bit selfish — if so, you’re on the right track. Jupiter in Scorpio shows you’re ready to live life on your terms and spend more time, energy or money doing what you love. A change in appearance or style is possible. If so, it goes hand in hand with a shift in attitude and perspective. Actions lead to results now, so put a special adventure on the agenda.


Time out and being by yourself is your personal secret to success with Jupiter in Scorpio. You may be reflective or finally take that sabbatical you’ve been dreaming about. A retreat or relaxing trip can recharge you deep inside your spirit. A longer 12-year cycle is ending and you are ready to release baggage, emotion and fear. Take time to sit quietly and reminisce. A new personal growth cycle starts in November 2018 and until then you’ll want to lie low. You may be especially productive when working alone or in a secluded setting. Your personal life may be less busy, as you may not have the energy or desire for socialising or large family events. Instead, pursue a path — at work or in life — that feels like a calling.


Your networks and any organisations you belong to will be your secrets to success while Jupiter is in Scorpio. Friends may provide clues to job offers, dating prospects or timely support. You might meet a benefactor who provides a helping hand, or discover the many benefits of membership in a prestigious community. It’s also a great time to mingle and meet new people, as Jupiter in Scorpio encourages you to expand your social and professional circles, both in real life and online. Happy events with friends are likely. For you, Jupiter in Scorpio also forms a double luck combination; help or support will be there should you need it.


You have cosmic permission to chase your professional dreams with Jupiter in Scorpio. You may reach new heights in your career. You may consider a lucrative offer or discover you have been nominated for a prestigious award. Achievements and success in your public life or at work are possible. Jupiter in Scorpio gifts you with a positive outlook and the desire to help others succeed. While your own success seems assured, you can further enhance your reputation and positive influence by doing what you can to lift up those around you. Work-related study or travel is worth exploring.


Your thirst for a more meaningful life may become top priority with Jupiter in Scorpio. You may stretch outside your comfort zone or decide to head off and explore the world. Travel, adventure and discovery are highlighted and you may take a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you dream about living overseas or taking a break from your regular life to experience a different culture, or want to dive into a study or teaching opportunity, take action to make it happen. Jupiter in Scorpio brings you closer to your dream life. Knowing what gives your life purpose helps you make the best choices for your soul. You may also celebrate a publishing, writing or academic achievement.

Opportunities to unlock abundance

While travelling through Scorpio, Jupiter makes two favourable patterns, known as aspects, to other planets.

Spirituality, compassion, generosity and kindness are highlighted when Jupiter in Scorpio works with Neptune in Pisces on December 3, 2017, and May 25 and August 19, 2018. You may let go of fear and dive into a creative or artistic project. Music and the arts can have a moving and meaningful impact. Intuitive energy is especially high and you may develop your intuition or dive into a mystical practice you’ve always been curious about.

Power, strategy, success and achievement are in focus when Jupiter in Scorpio works with Pluto in Capricorn on January 16, April 14 and September 12, 2018. These are some of the most powerful and productive dates of the entire Jupiter-in-Scorpio cycle. You may experience a meaningful breakthrough or discover the support you need to move forward on a grand plan. A little effort can make a big difference, especially if you honour your truth. Asking for support, a referral or input can lead to much more than you could have dreamt.

Embrace that intensity

Jupiter in Scorpio is a special and rare cycle that gives us all a chance to refocus on what really matters. Your intentions for change and evolution can lead to meaningful outcomes, so let Jupiter in Scorpio inspire you to take a heartfelt leap of faith.


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