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Will the planets bring you wealth and career success in 2017?

Vedic astrology is the astrology of India that relies on signs based on star positions. Vedic astrologers use the Sidereal zodiac, which is the zodiac used in this article. The Sidereal zodiac is used in most Eastern traditions and is almost a whole sign behind the tropical zodiac, which is used in the West. In the following sections, each rising sign is discussed with ideas that are applicable for your entire life. In addition, we will look at what the planets promise you regarding career and wealth in 2017.

Sidereal sun signs

Don’t know your Sidereal rising sign? Simply subtract 23 degrees from your Western rising sign to get the Sidereal one. If you don’t know your rising sign, subtract 23 degrees from your Moon sign. If all you know is your Sun sign, use these Sidereal Sun sign dates:

  • Aries: April 13 to May 14
  • Taurus: May 14th to June 14
  • Gemini: June 14 to July 15
  • Leo: July 15 to August 16
  • Virgo: August 16 to October 16
  • Libra: October 16 to November 15
  • Scorpio: November 15 to December 15
  • Sagittarius December 15 to January 13
  • Capricorn: January 13 to February 12
  • Aquarius: February 12 to March 13
  • Pisces: March 13 to April 13

So if your birthday falls on October 3, your Western sun sign is Libra and your Sidereal sun sign is Virgo. You would read the section for your sidereal rising sign if you know it or, if not, read for your sidereal sun sign below.

Career & wealth

There are two places in the horoscope you can use to delineate success: the 10th House of Career and the 2nd House of Wealth. These topics are generally considered relevant when talk turns to abundance: accumulated wealth and having a successful career.

There are different planets that rule the 10th and 2nd Houses for every rising sign. These are your go-to planets for abundance. If you feel stuck or blocked, or want to manifest more success, here are some helpful hints to try, according to your Sidereal rising sign.

Aries rising

If you are Sidereal Aries rising (or Sidereal Moon or Sun), Saturn rules your career. The bad news about Saturn is that he expects you to be hard-working. The good news is that when Saturn brings success it is lasting. Hard doesn’t have to mean difficult or filled with drudgery; the key to getting Saturn on your side is to apply discipline and perseverance. Completing one small task a day towards your goal(s) as a discipline will line up this powerful energy for you. Wearing Saturn’s colours, black or dark blue, also helps. Giving charity of either time or money to help the homeless is another option.

Venus rules your wealth matters, making you naturally attuned to the Venusian symbols of wealth: beautiful things, jewellery, art, music and dance. Venus also indicates that wealth can come from women. If you have the opportunity to work for or with women, success will come more easily.

Abundance forecast

For you, 2017 is potentially a big year. Saturn moves into a position from late January to late June that often means a rise in your career. What may seem like unsteady or transformative waters from July to October will move you to a better place come November, and you may finish the year on a high note.

Taurus rising

Like Aries, Saturn rules your career, so you might want to review the Aries career tips as well as your own. Hard work, discipline and perseverance will serve you well in unlocking Saturn’s potential. Create a structure through which you can express your innate creativity. You have strong organisational and management skills, and applying them in your career helps support your success. Your steadfast nature means you are patient and give things the time they need to develop. Time is an essential ingredient for lasting success when working with Saturn.

There are different planets that rule the 10th and 2nd Houses for every rising sign. These are your go-to planets for abundance.

An offbeat way to gain Saturn’s beneficence is to feed a black animal: bird, dog or cow. Sorry, it can’t be your pet poodle! It needs to be an act of charity towards someone else’s pet or a wild animal.

Mercury rules wealth for you, which means that using words, whether spoken or written, can improve your finances. Mercury, “Mercantile”, is associated with merchants and commerce, so selling products of any kind may come easily to you. Surrounding yourself with the colour green will strengthen Mercury’s influence. By practising the discipline (Saturn) of writing (Mercury) something every day, or having a blog, you will strengthen both these planets.

Abundance forecast

June is the month to look forward to in 2017. Your planets of career and wealth form a mutually beneficial relationship then, which will create opportunities for improvement in your career. In turn, this should increase your personal wealth.

Gemini rising

Jupiter rules your career. Since Jupiter is the natural ruler of wealth, you have a special advantage when it comes to success and luck. The only exception to this is when you try to pursue too many different opportunities at once. When that happens you may end up a Jack or Jill of all trades but master of none. Don’t let an abundance of options paralyse your decision-making ability!

Success comes through becoming an expert in your field through certification and training. You may take on an educational role in your field. If you feel stuck, stimulate Jupiter’s energy through yellow clothes, flowers or surrounding yourself with yellow.

The Moon rules wealth and you are the only sign in the zodiac with this privilege. The Moon is unique in that it goes around the sky every 27.3 days, touching all the other planets. This means opportunities arise and fall away with a speed that can be surprising. Be alert and know that wealth opportunities will come — but realise they may announce themselves with a whisper.

Combine the Moon with Jupiter and you have a recipe for success in teaching or dealing with the public. Leverage your innate charm and you will go far. Don’t stand on ceremony and practise being fearless.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, having clear intentions will help you prosper. Jupiter aspects your career house for much of the year, bringing opportunities for growth and a generally lucky time for you. Come September, take advantage of any opportunities for more education or certification or to teach others what you know.

Cancer rising

Mars rules your career and gives you the ambition to accomplish goals. In the Indian tradition, Mars is a hero who saves the day when all seems lost — you have that power! But Mars is also a young warrior lacking the wisdom of years, who sometimes does things the hard way instead of the smart way due to rash decision-making. If you need help with these tendencies, surround yourself with the colour dark red.

Mars also rules siblings, so sometimes opportunities can come from them. Mars’ influence is strengthened through movement: think tai chi or qi gong. Even regular exercise will help you break free of any career blocks.

The Sun rules wealth and, since the Sun also rules the father, you may benefit from family wealth that comes through Dad. More commonly, the Sun creates some kind of distinction that allows others to see your true worth and reward you accordingly. Influential people can help you further your own ambitions, so be on the lookout for well-connected individuals.

Combining the Sun and Mars, your recipe for success is to follow your ambition, take chances and push the envelope in the pursuit of your dreams. For you, fortune favours the bold.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, the last week of July brings your career and money planets into alignment, so take advantage of the new opportunities that come to light then. You may be in competition with others, but staying true to your essential nature will bring success. Come October, you will begin a new period of ambitious wealth acquisition and may find yourself thrust into leadership positions.

Leo rising

Venus rules your career and gives you a natural inclination to be highly creative. It is important that, whatever you do in your career, you find a way to express yourself creatively. When your creative juices are flowing you are happy, and when you are happy success comes your way.

The good news is that when Saturn brings success it is lasting.

If you feel blocked, increase the Venusian things in your life: doodle, make or listen to music, enjoy beautiful flowers and be kind to women in general. They will help you get unstuck.

Mercury rules wealth for you. As for Taurus, there is sometimes a mercantile element involved. Selling beautiful things over the internet is one way to combine your Venus and Mercury influences for success. Another way is to write music or to write about relationships (ruled by Venus).

Abundance forecast

Your golden-opportunity period happens late in 2017, in the middle of December, when your career and wealth planets align and aspect your career house. This could indicate a rise in your career or an increase in business.

Virgo rising

Mercury rules your career and it also rules you. This means that what you do and who you are will be intimately connected. What you do in the world is a reflection of who you are, highlighting the importance of making an authentic choice in your career. If you feel stuck, increase the number of green plants in your environment and visualise an emerald-green light bathing your body every morning for a few minutes.

Venus rules wealth (as it does for Aries) and often means wealth is acquired as a result of the women in your life, either as employers, customers or even friends. Helping women can lead to wealth-increasing situations. Some Virgos excel at making a living solving problems and issues that are of concern to women.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, your career and wealth planets align in the middle of March, and may bring partnerships or create an increase in clients for you to work with. These planets also aspect Virgo, showing your efforts will be well rewarded.

Libra rising

The Moon rules your career and goes around the sky every month, forming connections with every planet. This can create a kind of volatility in your career, for good or for ill. The key to your success lies in incorporating Moon significations in what you do. Work with the public, with water, in the Travel industry or in an area involving any keyword connected to the Moon.

You have a natural talent for taking care of people and things, and the Moon indicates that women will be influential. If you feel stuck, strengthen the Moon by wearing white clothes, accentuating the colour white in your environment, being kind to mothers and donating rice to the needy.

Mars rules wealth and, as the planet of real estate, it can mean you have a natural talent for real-estate investments. Mars also gives you the ambition necessary to acquire the wealth you desire. If you feel stuck, identify and follow your own ambition; make sure you’re not doing what someone else thinks you should do. In addition, implement some of the ideas mentioned in the Cancer section.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, two things benefit you in September. First, Jupiter moves into Sidereal Libra, bringing an increased period of luck, especially if you’re in a helping or communication profession. Then, Rahu (North Node) moves into your career house, which is good for professional success. You should be infused with fresh excitement to achieve your goals — but be careful not to become totally consumed with ambition.

Scorpio rising

The Sun rules your career and can indicate a career in government, the arts or with entrepreneurial ventures. You will feel better working for yourself or having a position of autonomy and self-management. The Sun likes to be in a position of authority. If you feel stuck, accentuate the colour bright red in your environment. An offbeat remedy is to throw a few copper coins, or pieces of copper, into a flowing body of water.

Jupiter rules your wealth and, since Jupiter is the planet of wealth in general, this makes you luckier than most! Indian tradition also says your financial circumstances will improve after marriage. As Jupiter is the teaching planet, you can make money selling your expertise on subjects or hobbies you love.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, early April sees your career and wealth planets connect to create success opportunities. Rahu continues to fuel your ambitions until September, so put any innovative plans in motion before then. Jupiter’s presence in your 11th House suggests profits can be made from side ventures or hobbies through August.

Sagittarius rising

Mercury rules your career, and lucky for you we live in a world with abundant avenues to express Mercury’s energy. This includes any and all communication technologies like computers, mobile phones, radio, TV and publishing. Musical ability or mathematical skills can be a gift in your career. If your career needs a boost, review the ideas in the Virgo section.

In the Indian tradition, Mars is a hero that saves the day when all seems lost.

Saturn rules wealth and typically indicates a strong sense of responsibility to create a firm financial basis for your family. This leads to an innate hard-working ethic that employers prize. If you want to stimulate this area of your life, see the sections under Aries and Taurus.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, your career and wealth planets line up in Sagittarius at the end of November. Opportunities will present themselves but they will need your initiative to come to fruition. Don’t wait for things to fall into your lap — go out and assert yourself in the world and reap the benefits!

Capricorn rising

Venus rules your career, and Venus is a people planet. Capricorns are generally talented at managing and dealing with people. Since Venus rules women, you will generally do better working with or for women. For some people, work is a means to an end, but for you it needs to be something that fills you with joy. If you feel stuck, see the section under Leo for ideas. In addition, since Venus rules vehicles, taking precious care of your automobile can free up energy to bring you success.

Saturn rules wealth. This means that the planet ruling you and the planet ruling your wealth are one and the same. Taking care of yourself and your body, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, will help support a wealthy lifestyle. Neglect your body and you may find your financial resources dwindling, and that’s before any associated health costs!

Abundance forecast

Opportunities in 2017 come from foreign or distant places, or from large institutions, during the final week in July. This is when your career and wealth planets energise each other and bring new opportunities your way. Whatever seeds you plant then should flower by the end of the year, when Venus and Saturn join forces once again for your success.

Aquarius rising

Mars rules your career. Mars is the planet of ambition and following your ambitions will lead to career success. You will gain the trust and respect of others, which will lead to an increase in your social standing. You have the best of both worlds here: your innate ability to organise and plan out the execution of new ideas and the ambition or drive to take risks. If you feel stuck, read the Cancer section for ideas.

Jupiter rules your wealth, so all the benefits under Scorpio apply to you also. In addition, Jupiter gives you a predisposition to generate wealth through side ventures or hobbies. Whatever you are doing as a hobby, consider monetising it to the extent that it will still be fun for you, and see the extra income manifest.

Abundance forecast

For you, 2017 is a good year for new opportunities to present themselves, especially mid-January, the end of February and the last week of June. Assess your options then and don’t always jump at the first offer.

Pisces rising

Jupiter rules your career. This means the planet that rules you and the planet that rules your career are one and the same. Jupiter also rules luck — so it may be that all the Piscean readers have skipped over this article because their lives are already going so well! But, in case you are stuck, see the ideas under Gemini. You are probably a natural-born teacher and you benefit from reading and study.

Mars rules wealth and, as with Librans who share this with you, it gives ambition. In your case, it may push you towards self-employment. Be careful that rash words don’t get you into trouble in the workplace. Jupiter and Mars are friends so there is a natural tendency for Pisceans to find their way in the material world. But if it feels like your wealth is stuck, review the ideas mentioned under Cancer and Libra.

Abundance forecast

In 2017, your ruler Jupiter continues to influence your sense of self. Explore ideas and come up with plans during the first eight months of the year. Late February may drop a golden opportunity in your lap — don’t be lazy about it!

Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller

Kenneth D Miller, MA, is a practising astrologer in San Diego, California, USA. He received his Master’s degree in the history of astrology from Kepler College. He holds the title of Jyotish Kovid from the Council of Vedic Astrology. In addition, Kenneth has made a study of Hellenistic, medieval, renaissance and modern astrologies. He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all five of these traditions. You can email him at

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