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Jupiter is traveling through Scorpio until November 8, 2018. Here's what to expect

Jupiter is traveling through Scorpio until November 2018. What to expect

Credit: John Towner

Jupiter is a visionary planet that offers you a huge and expansive perspective. Jupiter helps you tap into the big picture and gives you an intuitive sense that there is an order to the universe, an order filled with meaning and purpose. Jupiter reminds you that life is no accident — that the people you meet, the places you go and the events you experience all mean something.

Through Jupiter, opportunities open up the world around you and ordinary, mundane events are revealed to be blessings. When you find yourself in just the right place at just the right time, meeting just the right person, you might feel lucky or fortunate. You have Jupiter to thank in those moments. Through Jupiter, life becomes an adventure. This year, Jupiter travels through Scorpio until November 8, 2018, when it enters Sagittarius.

Depth and intensity: Scorpio

Scorpio is famous for its intensity and instinctive, emotional depths. There is a mystery and an intrigue about Scorpio.

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s love of expansion and growth turns inward, helping relationships move toward greater intimacy and trust.

Looking for small talk? Don’t turn to a Scorpio. Scorpio is not afraid of life’s emotional complexities or complicated questions of life and death. Scorpio brings a psychological perspective and describes that intimate, hidden layer of life you may only want to reveal to a trusted friend, lover, partner or therapist.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio, everything about this sign becomes exaggerated, like a detective’s eye enlarged by the magnifying lens through which it looks. Focus can become fascination, even obsession. Intimacy gets real. The surface is never enough. It’s time for a depth charge!

Though you might have to dig deeper than usual to find Jupiter’s fortunes, or feel your way instinctively through the dark, Scorpio’s psychological terrain provides some of the richest territory to mine.

The storyteller

Jupiter’s big-picture view and sense of meaning and purpose make Jupiter one terrific storyteller. Scorpio stories don’t shy away from life’s challenges; in fact, that’s why we’re drawn to them. The works of the well-known storytellers below give us a glimpse of Jupiter-in-Scorpio qualities.

Stephen King is a shining example of someone with Jupiter in Scorpio. But if his is not a dark alley you care to go down, Danielle Steel also offers plenty of Jupiter in Scorpio in her novels. A keen observer of human nature, Steel — the most popular writer on the planet — fills her romances with characters in crisis. Steel’s characters find themselves stronger and wiser for having gone through their trials and tribulations, a common theme with Jupiter in Scorpio. The bestselling nature of these two writers shows that something in the human soul craves the deeper experiences of life.

The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, was born with Jupiter in Scorpio — as was Jules Verne. Among Verne’s famous fictional extraordinary voyages is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This tale is full of Jupiter in Scorpio themes as it describes a submarine dive beneath the surface, into the mysterious depths of the ocean.

American screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes is an award-winning tour de force in television, with her creations Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. These shows depict the lives and dramas of complicated people in increasingly complicated circumstances.

Mary Oliver, Pulitzer prize-winning poet, is famous for her poems about nature and life. From reflective and profound observations during her daily walks through nature, her poems reveal the intimate connection between human nature and nature itself. She never shies away from darkness. In fact, Oliver’s poetry reveals the beauty and wisdom to be found in exploring underneath the surface. Her connection to the world and her passion for life are vibrant and deep. One of her most famous lines asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / With your one wild and precious life?” It is a question to consider quite seriously while Jupiter moves through Scorpio.

Movie director Steven Spielberg, whose ability to bring stories to life on the screen can frighten us (Jaws), inspire us (E.T. the Extra Terrestrial), thrill us (Raiders of the Lost Ark) or profoundly move us (The Color Purple, Schindler’s List), also has Jupiter in Scorpio.

Each of these storytellers expresses an exciting piece of the mysterious Jupiter-in-Scorpio puzzle, taking you to a place you may not venture on your own. Like the characters in these stories, you may be all the wiser for having gone there.

Intimacy and trust

In Scorpio, Jupiter’s love of expansion and growth turns inward, helping relationships move toward greater intimacy and trust. We see this in an unexpected movie: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which was released with Jupiter in Scorpio in 1994. In it, two drag queens and a transgender woman attempt to cross the Australian outback in a rickety old bus christened “Priscilla”.

The movie begins with a tired drag performance of “I’ve Never Been to Me”, foreshadowing what’s to come (“I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me”). Characters Tick, Adam and Bernadette are ready for change. Having lived much of their lives on the surface of things, Tick and Bernadette are jaded, weary and empty. Deeper desires remain unquenched. An opportunity for the trio to venture from their home in Sydney to Alice Springs arrives — and they head out into dark, unknown territory.

Listen to your deepest passions, and take a chance by wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Along the way, they encounter small-town hostility and homophobia, which brings them closer. In the middle of nowhere, the bus breaks down. Left to their own devices, they meet a group of Aborigines, for whom they perform “I Will Survive” in full drag. Finally, a new friend helps them get back on the road. As they make their way to Alice Springs, more secrets are revealed.

In the end, Tick, Adam and Bernadette are renewed and refreshed. They find revitalised vigour for life by tapping into previously untapped inner reserves. At their most helpless, pushed past their limits, they find inner resources and tenacity that wouldn’t have been discovered had they not set out for Alice Springs in the first place. In the middle of the desert, away from their regular life, the trio find in themselves and each other that which will never fall away.

That is Jupiter in Scorpio.

Jupiter in Scorpio and your sign

Jupiter in Scorpio asks that you go deep, turn over some mossy stones, open the basement door, look down into the well — and do some digging around. This cycle might bring some drama but, remember, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. Your birth chart indicates the most specific manifestations of Jupiter in Scorpio for you, but here are a few tips for your Sun sign to get you started.


On the surface: Shared resources, inheritance, money, tax, debt, financial obligations, investigations, research, loss.

Underneath: Jupiter in Scorpio, planet of expansion and good fortune, highlights money — especially financial arrangements with others. Whether it’s a loan, investments or a surge of business, your financial activities take on new life and debts repaid can bring new freedom.

Jupiter also highlights inheritances, and it’s not just about cash. Underneath the dollars and cents is psychic inheritance. You might recognise gifts passed down from your parents or grandparents: a keen intuition or a perceptive eye; a dazzling singing voice or a unique interest; a quizzical nature, a passion for dance or simply a way with words. These are as much an inheritance as money.


On the surface: Relationships, marriage, significant others, negotiated contracts.

Underneath: While there are many kinds of relationships, your focus is the significant others in your life. Regardless of your relationship status, the notion of “significant other” comes into focus. Perhaps you are your most significant other these days.

The word “significant” means “having a special or secret meaning” and, in relationship, refers to a person of great influence. This is often the marriage partner, but not always. If you’re not getting to know a partner in deeper and more meaningful ways, it’s always good to remember the classic — and truly significant — words of RuPaul: “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”


On the surface: Health, job, routines, habits, the daily round, spiritual practice.

Underneath: While your health and your job may seem unrelated, it’s astonishing how intimately they are linked, and this year that intimate connection becomes particularly important. How does your job make you feel? Do your daily activities energise you or do they leave you empty?

Jupiter in Scorpio highlights meaning. How meaningful does your job feel? Does it fill a function more than just the basics? If not, your body and your health may be sending specific messages to you. Your body is like a teacher this year. As you move through your day, notice its language: comfort, discomfort, exhaustion — or collapsing into bed at the end of the day feeling fulfilled.

If your body was telling you a story, what would that story be? How meaningful is that story? When Jupiter travels through your 6th House, the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.


On the surface: Children, play, romance, love, sex, creativity, pleasure, entertainment.

Underneath: Jupiter moving through the house of love is undeniably exciting. He brings a cheerful exuberance, even in Scorpio. This is a house of creation but also procreation. Highlighted topics are sex, parties or a night on the town. All of these activities bring great pleasure, yet there’s also a profound side to what happens.

The house of love is the house of the heart, and it’s the house of taking risks and taking chances. You take a chance when you reveal your heart. It’s risky business. With Jupiter in Scorpio, remember this classic phrase: “Fortune favours the brave.” Listen to your deepest passions and take a chance by wearing your heart on your sleeve.


On the surface: House and home, family, foundation, roots, early home life.

Underneath: The comforts of home life and family are highlighted by Jupiter in Scorpio for you, making this the year to work through any issues with family members. Underneath the family you love, or the family you don’t see much, are your roots, which run through to your ancestors. The foundations of your life have been laid for generations. This is a year to explore your roots and become familiar with all possible meanings of “family”.


On the surface: Siblings, communication, neighbourhood.

Underneath: Your style of communication is highlighted by Jupiter in Scorpio. Beneath all of the words, however, is something more important: your voice.

The ancient name for the 3rd House, where Jupiter in Scorpio is for you, is “goddess”. It describes a profound and divine feminine aspect of yourself — a piece of your soul known for its ability to connect.

The Third House is not just about communication — it’s also about communion and community. Getting to know your neighbourhood (and your neighbours) is one thing, but the shift from neighbourhood to community is something different. Talking to your neighbours can be the important first step in developing community and, to whatever degree you do that or not, it’s something to consider as Jupiter in Scorpio passionately and enthusiastically asks to hear your voice.


On the surface: Money, income, material possessions.

Underneath: Money becomes your focus, at least on the surface. Questions such as, “How much money do you make?” or “How much money do you have?” can be rephrased to reveal the depth of what you’re really talking about, which is often money as a metaphor: “What is your worth?”

What’s important is to consider your worth in terms of how much you value yourself. Where do you invest yourself? What are your values? How highly do you esteem yourself?

The 2nd House, where Jupiter in Scorpio is for you, is about material possessions, but the word “material” means “substance” — as in substantial or important. This year, consider what is truly important to you.


On the surface: Ego, personality, self, body.

Underneath: You start a new 12-year growth and self-discovery cycle. Think back 12 years ago to when Jupiter was last in Scorpio, and you may find echoes of themes from then in your life now.

Jupiter in Scorpio highlights an important question about identity: “Who am I?” The fun is in the self-exploration. Is there a part of yourself you keep secret, hold back or are hesitant to explore? Jupiter’s passage this year can reveal the Wonder Woman behind each Diana Prince or the Superman behind each Clark Kent. Belief in yourself can do wonders!


On the surface: Sanctuaries, monasteries, hospitals, solitude.

Underneath: As I write, I am listening to The Everly Brothers song “All I Have to Do is Dream”, a tune that became popular during not one, but two transits of Jupiter through Scorpio. It suits you this year as your focus turns away from distraction. You may withdraw from everyday events or feel less productive.

Dream, step back, reflect on the last 12 years of your life and envision what comes next. Make time for time out. “Hospitals” are part of the 12th House themes activated by Jupiter in Scorpio for you, but it’s less about getting sick and more about hospitals as places of rest and healing, which are highlighted themes for you in 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio invites you into your inner sanctum. All you have to do is dream — the results may surprise you.


On the surface: Friends, allies, groups, social networks, hopes and wishes.

Underneath: There’s something special about Jupiter moving through your 11th House as it does for you in 2018. This is the place where Jupiter is happiest. It’s the house of friends and allies, but it’s also the house of hopes and wishes. As the song goes, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.” There’s another important piece if you listen to the lyrics more closely: “Fate is kind. She brings to those who love, the sweet fulfilment of their secret longing.”

Jupiter in Scorpio also highlights the friendship between kindred spirits, what the Irish call “anam cara”: soul friends. On the road of life, part of Fate’s kindness is that you meet people who are not just good companions, but true soul friends who can help you fulfil your deepest hopes and wishes.

Your soul friends are people you didn’t ask to meet, yet who enrich your life even more than you could have hoped. Who are these people in your life? Honour them this year.


On the surface: Career, profession, social status, accomplishments, reputation, honours’ your boss.

Underneath: It’s odd to speak of “underneath” when speaking of the 10th House, the area Jupiter in Scorpio activates for you in 2018, as it’s the highest point in your astrology chart. Up that high, everything is underneath. Yet that’s the secret: it’s not just the literal high point that’s highlighted, but rather the part of you that strives ever higher, the part that is called. It’s not just your career that Jupiter in Scorpio activates, but your calling, your vocation.

The word “vocation” has its roots in the word “voice”. There’s a voice deep inside you that aspires for more than just social status or worldly accomplishments. It’s a voice from your soul. How satisfied is your soul? Do you feel called? This is the year to explore the answers to those questions.


On the surface: Religion, spirituality, higher learning, intellectual quests, long-distance travel.

Underneath: Life becomes an adventure as Jupiter moves through Scorpio and your 9th House. Travel may be on the agenda, especially to faraway destinations, but what’s really highlighted is the inner travel you experience when reading a favourite book or when you feel connected with the meaning of life itself.

Spirituality or religion may also play a prominent role. But, more significantly, key aspects of life begin to feel particularly sacred.