Lunar New Year 2022 The Year Of The Yang Water 壬 Tiger 寅

Lunar New Year 2022: The Year of the Yang Water 壬 Tiger 寅

If 1 January missed the mark, you’ll have a second bite at the cherry via the Chinese Lunar New Year beginning 1 February 2022.

The quest to return the status quo rested on Oxen shoulders. Now Asia’s King of the Jungle is to lead — the Yang Water Tiger — though more Princely than Kingly, this risk-taker is determined to move forward and pitch ready with his vision to initiate change.
Honing in on the two ideograms tasked with stewarding us through 2022, insight into 60-year cycles of times past to decode the future are on offer. The annual elemental pillar combines the Heavenly Stem of Yang Water 壬, sitting on top of the Earthly (Horary) Branch of Yang Wood Tiger 寅.

History has captured this duo’s sexagenary cycle. The oral vaccine for polio, innovative advances in technology like the electronic hearing aid, satellite TV, LED lighting, and NASA’s orbit around Earth that resulted in Perth being termed the City of Lights are all correlated to this union. Tiger economies were seeded in the early 60s, thanks to Yang Wood’s hidden fire, which sparks the economy. In Australia, women were finally allowed to vote and stand in federal elections (1902). In 1962, voting rights were extended to all Indigenous Australians by way of countenance — an action of Wood.

Straight out of the gates we’re treated to a double insight in February when Tiger month and year pillars duplicate. Two tigers can’t copartner, one needs to relinquish power, sorting the 2IC from the commander-in-chief, spotlighting political leadership tussles.

This more impulsive manifestation of 1962s legacy was captured in the Flash Stock Market crash (a fire-tiger day in a clash month) and the Thor rocket carrying a hydrogen warhead that detonated in space. Not to mention the Cuban missile crisis that left the world teetering on the brink of nuclear war while two superpowers vied for dominance. All these events under President John F Kennedy’s tenure (a Snake native in a clash year). On home turf, Australia’s world-first pyritic smelting operation occurred. Sadly, over time, the environmental impact of H2O partnerships with Yang Wood has had consequences. Environmental policy will undoubtedly resurface. Rachel Carson’s eco-science book was released in 1962.

We’ve been holding our breath for some time now. We’ve arrived at the moment of stillness before Tiger propels forward and pounces. The backbone of 2022 is the genesis of change. Movement combines with a palpable shift in tempo towards expansion. Swift impulsive decisions or measured choices designed to conquer are both possible. The result of action could take time to mature. Self-resilience is at times susceptible to pressure. Avoid conflict by yielding just enough, while maintaining your nerve and standing your ground. Channel strength, for we’re collectively supported to tap into our creative, innovative self, and scholarly goals are ours for the taking.

Oceans spawn emotional turmoil (anger coupled with fear-tinged anxiety). Both will hinder us. Flip the dynamic and purge emotional baggage. Instead, tap into water’s spiritual and affluent counsel, which offers benevolence, kindness and wisdom. Those with a keen ear to the ground and steely eye on the future, the spark of success resides inside you. The determined will succeed.

The Water Tiger’s symbol for “king” marked upon its forehead is camouflaged. Those that uncover the hallmark shall discover courage and foresight to pursue all manner of endeavours. Recognising when to move forward, to rise up, to stand, and to lead.

If you’re born on a Yin Metal day or a year ending in one, Tiger is considered your Nobleman (person of importance; help in times of trouble). You’ll have cosmic guidance, akin to the hand of a Sherpa guiding you.

Add to the cauldron a smattering of career opportunities, if you’re a Yin Fire Daymaster or born in a year ending in seven. For ladies, love beckons.

If Water or Wood is your lucky element (deduced from your BaZi), you’ll be courting favour. Earth-classed industries (real estate, construction) will make money but the Tiger will control how much. Metal industries show promise, as Wood is your greenback and Water your resources.

RAT (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)
Wise rodent’s elemental affinity with this year’s Yang Water ensures you’ll venture moderately well — considering you’re normally fair prey in jungle cat-and-mouse. Rats and Tigers are accustomed to firsts and both adept swimmers, though you may have to dial down expectations for pole position. Under the keen-eyed predator, you’ll feel perpetually exhausted unless you’re flexible and adjust accordingly. New alliances with friends are on the horizon, as is travel. Be rigorous and persistent with health goals, keeping emotions and anxiety in check. 子 N1: 352.5°-7.5°

OX (1949, 1961*, 1973, 1985, 1997*, 2009)
Tiger and Ox are neighbours, but they don’t make great bedfellows. In fact, you’re potential prey to the carnivorous Tiger. Turn the tables and tackle change by adapting to the new terra firma. Suppress the desire for bullish charges or you will find you are met with obstacles. Maintain your stoic work ethic and mindset, channel clarity and exercise caution in matters of the heart and career goals. 丑 NE1: 22.5°–37.5°

TIGER (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)
An opportunity for change — of the big-transformation variety — presents as the Grand Duke (Jupiter) pays a visit, and you could have his backing. You might feel ambushed in February, with career spotlighted. Tigers may be a tad accident prone, so if surgeries are planned you’re encouraged to carry a Pig amulet, akin to seeking an injection of support from your Nobleman. 1962 Tigers, action your mental wellness regimes, as you’re born under this pillar. Feng Shui-wise, the NE axis is auspiciously highlighted in 2022. 寅 NE3: 52.5°–67.5°

RABBIT (1951*, 1963, 1975, 1987*, 1999, 2011*)
The cosmic romantic formula for love could bring a new love interest this year with the Peach Blossom star, especially if Cupid’s bow targets a romantic encounter with a person with a Tiger, Horse or Dog in their chart. You may radiate magnetic charm but the Rabbit does need to exercise caution in other facets of life. Bolster your position and seek a Dragon to complete and unlock a mutual bond between the Tiger and Rabbit. April is Dragon month. 卯 E2: 82.5°–97.5°

DRAGON (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)
Last year may have felt combative. This year you have much in common with the Tiger. Courageous and powerful, you’re both no stranger to riches, but yours is prone to fluctuate. Material gain is knocking on your door. Seize opportunities, even those that may at first be challenging, and you’ll reap generous benevolence and support extended by the Tiger. Tap into another three-way mutual alliance on offer when Rabbit people unite the trio. March is Rabbit month. ⾠ SE1: 112.5° – 127.5°

SNAKE (1953, 1965, 1977*, 1989, 2001*, 2013)
The Serpent and big cat tussle on a karmic combative level. Chalk up the year to crafty behind-the-scenes planning and you’ll be in the enviable position to act when Fire is on your side. Shed stubborn tendencies, as Snake’s determination to face-off with jungle cats won’t be tolerated. Tiger’s risk scuppering your travel plans. Try sliding and slithering your way toward your destination and be über cautious; pay the ferryman or risk fines.
⺒ SE3: 142.5°–157.5°

HORSE (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)
Equines understand the Tiger’s governance, as they are two parts of a fire trinity. Hidden in Tiger’s stems is more Yang fire, igniting your spark toward growth. After colliding with the Rat under his reign and hindrances with the Ox, you’re poised to seize opportunities, especially on the work front. A raise or promotion could be on the cards. Irksome legal woes could also occur. October looks particularly favourable for you, as the third leg of the fire alliance triggers action. 午 S2: 172.5°–187.5°

GOAT (1955, 1967*, 1979, 1991*, 2003, 2015)
After chalking up your fair share of drama last year, use 2022 to harness control of your chosen path through the jungle. The year offers a chance to hone some career goals. Single Goats may wander in search of love, but commitment may prove fleeting. Partnered Goats need freedom and liberty. Curb your inner spendthrift, as the generosity of Tiger won’t be on tap forever. 未 SW1: 202.5°–217.5°

MONKEY (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)
Tiger clashes with the Primate (both known as ‘travelling stars’) triggering change, be it a job or dwelling. You’re vulnerable to all manner of travel hiccups, including your modus operandi. You could encounter turbulent rides (literally and metaphorically) so take extra care. Be vigilant in February and May. Focus on boosting your health throughout 2022 as Monkey’s SW home also spotlights wellness. Testy times ahead, so minimise your inner daredevil for high-risk activities, including when encountering fire. Avoid facing the NE for long periods (ie. at a work desk). If talismanic magic is your jam, wear or display a Pig amulet to evade Tiger’s claws. That said, if you we’re born on a Yin Metal day, call upon your Sherpa Nobleman for guidance. 申 SW3: 232.5°–247.5°

ROOSTER (1957*, 1969, 1981*, 1993, 2005, 2017*)
As metal is absent from this year’s pillar, you may be feeling a little left out. However, the annual flux of Water offers some temperance to reduce conflicts and hardships that present. You could be worn out by critics and niggling self-doubts, so channel the Tiger for strength and courage. Rooster and Tigers share a mutual appreciation for business acumen, but new career paths may be considered. Cockerels may fall fowl to relationship stress-testing, frank conversations and home truths could be revealed. 酉 W2: 262.5°–277.5°

DOG (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)
Loyalty and royalty combine. Canines find an ally in Tiger, each no stranger to donning the hat of the Guardian. As man’s best friend, you should carve out some time to be the recipient of loyalty that you bestow on others. Relationships beckon, but keep your neediness in check. Opportunities to improve various aspects of life present, perhaps even landing the coveted title of master of your own home — but be sure to read legal fine print. Fortune favours you when you pony up with the Horse, activating a Fire trinity. 戌 NW1: 292.5°–307.5°

PIG (1947*, 1959, 1971*, 1983, 1995, 2007*)
Tiger is your BFF. With the ear of this affluent friend and natural-born leader watching out for you, virtuous and fortunate vibes follow you. Invigorated by an alignment with the intrinsic Qi of the year, water brings success when coupled with wise decision making. Turn a deaf ear to gossip. The boar and jungle king combine to form Wood, implying growth and productivity is on the cards. 亥 NW3: 322.5°–337.5°

Feng Shui 22

Feng Shui Chart
Lo Shu + 2022 yearly chart


When faced with adversity, or even a challenging astro transit, home is where we seek refuge from life’s woes. With homesteads now doubling as offices, the more time we spend in our dwellings the greater Feng Shui’s influence.

Captured at the time of construction, the distribution of energy (Qi) in a residence is akin to its natal birth chart. Saturn is the father of time, and Saturn’s sigil is the mirrored pathway Qi follows on the Lo Shu diagram included in this article. Qi fluctuates annually, shifting on 4 February when the Feng Shui fraternity ushers in a new solar year. The Annual Flying Stars (AFS) return to their domicile every nine years — 2022 is such a year.

This nine cell yearly chart is orientated and mapped onto your dwelling’s floorplan, expanding to cover 24 directions in total — with half correlating to animal signs (Earthly Branches). See the specific sliver of your home that aligns to your zodiac, under each animal sign.

In the absence of a professional assessment, you’ll need to identify compass bearings. On top of permanent countermeasures, annual tweaks aid in subduing potential medical conditions, preventing cash flow crunches, and keeping relationships in check. If you’re new to AFS, the best advice is to focus on the outlined zones for 2022.

Hands down, the best Feng Shui goal this year is to concentrate on the inherently Earth NE/SW axis and, if hoarding is your weakness, reduce clutter as it impedes the path of Qi. The axis is home to the good (#8), the bad (#2) and the ugly (#5 centre), all domicile, unmasked and flaunting their true nature.

Our first frame of reference is the Centre, where Feng Shui’s heavyweight, #5, returns home. Best viewed as the trigger and catalyst for change, #5 is also pegged, via a Chinese metaphysical lens, as the instigator of setbacks, obstacles and misfortune. The agent of change and transformation empowers us to ponder our demons (five demons is an alias of #5) this year as we’re safeguarded by Tiger’s gift of guardianship. Recognise opportunities to overhaul what hinders you. If one brushes the opportunity aside, expect the unexpected, with changes in what we personally frame impacting us negatively.

Suffice to say, we aim to quell hostile outcomes. Avoidance is preferred. But this may not be possible. Instead, limit use and avoid fanning the flames with fire (aka red items). Subdue instead with truckloads of metal to mitigate. Think white, airy, curvy vignettes to mute the foreboding Qi, add metal décor accents for extra surety.

Life’s great leveller, wellness, is moderated by the #2 star. It always needs remediation or you risk adverse health scenarios. Females especially take note. The SW sector has your name on it – womanly health check-ups are a must. Boys, same-same. Remediate with metal adjustments, as listed for Centre, and source a non-trinkety metal calabash.

The NE houses the benefic auspicious #8 returning home laden with earthly gifts, especially generous in Horse, Goat and Monkey months (June, July, August) — although the latter is coloured by a clash. Young males will excel here in the palace of knowledge, and Tiger’s union with water brings academic success to endeavours. In the Feng Shui lexicon, the Tai Sui (aka Jupiter) takes up residence here. Best policy is to refrain from renovation raucous in this sector until after 2022. You’ll have Jupiter’s backing if your office chair backs to the NE sliver.

Folks with a Tiger in their chart, or at their front door, or a Ming Gua #8, may feel the caress of the Midas touch. Especially if a water star #8 already resides in this sector of your building’s natal chart — a potent cocktail for prosperity, perhaps even a new abode. Introduce measured accents of red to ramp up the potential — a boon if you’ve a stove in this sector.

Apart from May and November, be sure to carve out a useable NE niche in your home/business to quietly sit and contemplate your share of the bounty. After all, the God of Wealth chose the Black Water Tiger as his mount, brandishing a Gold ingot in his hand.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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