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Your star signs for April 2022

What does April hold in store for you? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinized the planets and stars to uncover what they promise.


You might find yourself torn between two urges in March, Aries. Should you let your creativity be fed by Nature’s healing energies? Or let the ambitious push of Mars and Venus aligned with Pluto take the lead? Best to balance both, since your direction will likely expand to include both in late March and early April. The Lover Warrior pair travelling together evoke an exciting time, and your New Moon in Aries on April 1 confirms that. Allowing old family memories to surface helps you heal the resistances that have been holding you back.


The early March New Moon uplifts you with the earthy harmonies of Venus and Mars and the karmic North Node in Taurus. With this “Eclipse Bringer” in your sign, 2022 will be a fateful year, and both early March and April provide opportunities to embody a healthy relationship between fate and free will. Where March opens doors to spiritual wisdom, April starts by grounding what you are learning in a useful way. April 7 to 18 brings a rare alignment of Jupiter and Neptune, potentised by April’s Full Moon, evoking intuitive certainties in the Bull. These clarify into plans by April 26.


The Twins must swim happily through the emotional polarities of Pisces Time, or feel overwhelmed by unsuccessful attempts to “make sense” of these deep waters. To choose to swim is to renew your love for life and allow vocational opportunities to emerge in weird and wonderful ways. Uncertainty can be good for the soul. This trusting attitude runs counter to the Air sign energy of Mercury, Venus and Mars in March, but will grow on you after March 16. Consider this “prep” for embracing an unusual yet high potential opportunity likely to arise between April 8 and 18.


Moon-ruled Cancer will be fed by the Water/Earth harmonies that flow from March 3’s New Moon to March 18’s Full Moon. March provides an enriching learning curve, and the earthy harmonies suggest a new level of partnership can be achieved, even in long-term relationships. March 11 to 13 and April 8 to 10 are special periods, driven by Moon/Jupiter harmonies, and agreements made now are fortunate. Lover Venus renews your learning curve from April 6, reconnecting you with someone special in late April and early May.


A gathering of planets in your partner sign connects you with your clan. They include Lover Venus and Energiser Mars, which travel together through all of March. Despite its strange polarities, March 6 to 19 can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. Emotional flexibility will be your friend now, and from April 8 to 15 your intuition will be a better guide than logic. April 17 to 18 presents a Full Moon and potent planet meeting that awakens a new vocational idea. The completion of a creative project may accompany this.


From March 3’s New Moon, Virgo builds towards their climactic lunar event of the year — Full Moon in Virgo, which occurs on March 18. This Full Moon forms a three-way harmony that prompts you to collaborate with others to ensure a transformation you have envisioned for some time. April 13 to 14’s Moon in Virgo will again draw on creative Jupiter energy, this time with the extra visionary input of Neptune and some good timing thrown in. Goals should be realised now, and April 26 to 29 provides the chance for a fresh start.


Your ruler Venus travels with energiser Mars throughout March, activating important family dynamics and perhaps bringing to light confronting information. An arbiter of balance, you will take time digesting this, since it links to a profound transformation. Creative projects demand attention in late March, when a meeting of Venus and Saturn triggers energy. You may be given new responsibilities, and during April 1 to 17’s lunar cycle this suits you well. Full Moon on April 17 strengthens you by linking forces with Saturn and Pluto.


Mars aligns with the powerful team of Venus and Pluto. March 3’s New Moon begins a cycle in which you link energies with a personal or business partner in productive ways. Depth of insight is a Scorpio gift and of great value now. March 1 to 6, 16 to 19 and 25 to 26 are defining periods in a journey of knowledge. March 18’s Full Moon is especially illuminating, when Pluto harmonises with the Moon’s Nodes and Moon itself. Since the Moon’s South Node is now in Scorpio, there may be a dormant “treasure” from your past.


Renewal of family is likely to feature in March, but could also drown you in sometimes unwelcome responsibilities. “On fire with desire” describes April for Sagittarius, and your desires are promoted by the lunar cycle of New Moon in Aries on April 1 through to April 17’s Full Moon. Love and creativity, and children and grandchildren are potential beneficiaries of this energy. Yet the meeting of Jupiter and visionary Neptune in mid-April colours the lunar cycle with an other-worldly mystique that could lead you astray. Overlook no details.


Venus, Mars and Pluto dance together in Capricorn during the first five days of March. For Capricorn, the concrete actualisation of goals, plans and dreams is a must. Things that fail this test are put aside. This energy drives the lunar process that begins March 3 and culminates in a Full Moon on March 18, when Pluto again features. Use these two weeks to mature goals, and you will see good results by mid-July. April gives priority to home and family matters, perhaps real estate, while supporting the seeds sown in March.


This year has a rollercoaster ride for the Water Bearer in March and April. Maintaining a calm centre of gravity can make it an inspiring, sometimes surprising, time. March 3 to 18’s lunar cycle is no time for flying high, since signposts could be misleading. Instead, enjoy your nest, then your unpredictable side can helpfully come to the fore. Unsettling experiences are likely if you try to force anything. April 1 to 18 provides firmer ground for reaching goals, but a rare meeting makes visionary flexibility the rule.


New Moon in Pisces on March 3 begins a very good solar year. Your ruling planet Jupiter enthuses you with purpose and opens doors. Engage actively to extend this once-in-12-years opportunity. Much can be dreamed and manifested between March 3 and 18, when Full Moon illuminates the rewards of your efforts. Earthy harmonies at New and Full Moon mean that like-minded groups and appealing communication ease your path. Then April 7 to 18 brings a once-in-166-years meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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