Understanding the soul’s blueprint through evolutionary astrology

Understanding the soul’s blueprint through evolutionary astrology

Daisy Clementine Douglas begins our online session with an opening prayer. Her voice is soft and knowledgeable as she asks me to close my eyes and bring awareness to my breath. She moves presence through my entire body, connecting with Mother Earth and the cosmos and inviting spirit guides and power animals to sit with us. I’m cross-legged on my bed and her words are coming through my computer speakers, yet it feels like she’s an old friend sitting next to me.

After a few more moments, Douglas asks me to open my eyes. I feel calm and excited to spend the hour together. In this session, she explains, I’ll discover my soul’s blueprint and the authentic and dominant energies that make up the core of my being. As we’ll be working with my natal chart, she asks me for the date, time and location of my birth.

My understanding of astrology is very limited, yet the ancient wisdom of the cosmos has always left me curious. Australian-born Douglas practises evolutionary astrology, a modality that uses the natal chart to uncover the soul’s lessons, evolutions and karma. Seven years ago, she began exploring spirituality and metaphysical science, a passion which led her to enrol at the Sydney Astrology School in 2016. After three years of in-depth study and countless mentors, she now lives in Berlin and holds online conversations and workshops all around the world.

“Anyone who has been born with an Aquarius moon may never fully feel like they fit in, but this is your greatest gift. The Aquarian energy is not meant to fit in. It’s here to set trends, not follow trends.”

“You’re a Gemini,” she notes. “Actually, you have a lot of Gemini in you. You have your sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini so, of course, you’re a journalist. Gemini is the communicator, the one that is wanting to share and exchange ideas and constantly connects with new and fresh information. That’s a big reason why your soul has come back with this energy because of the freshness of this archetype,” she explains excitedly.

First, we look at the lunar nodes or “the karma that is ripening for you in this lifetime,” Douglas says. “Whatever archetype you have on the south node helps us to understand the energetic attachments and habitual patterns of behaviours you have carried from a past life into this life,” she says, adding “the north node is where the soul is wanting to integrate with its karmic liberation. But whatever we have on the north node, also speaks to tools that were out of reach to us in the past life context.

“For you, that’s the axis of Leo and Aquarius. I love this axis because it’s the axis of authentic self-expression. Leo is a leadership archetype. In a past life, you might have been a thought-leader because I’m also seeing your south node ruled by the sun and Gemini. This indicates you were a strong communicator and wisdom sharer in your past life.

“Moving to your north node, Aquarius. Aquarius is the rebel. The thing is when we come from a south node in Leo, there has also been a lot of pressure with the Leo energy to want to feel validated. There’s a strong message in this lifetime around learning how to be the rebel. By having a north node in Aquarius, you are learning how to integrate the tools of detachment of objectivity and see things more from a bird’s eye point of view.”

Unique perspective

“Your soul is calling you to pick up studies in this lifetime that are altruistic, eccentric and unique. Studies that help you to gain a completely unique perspective on the world around you. That will really fulfil you emotionally in this lifetime. Do you relate to that?” she asks me.

“Yes, I’ve recently started a remedial massage therapy course and I’ve studied yoga extensively, as well as pottery and painting,” I explain, drawing the connection with my persistent desire to keep on learning.

“Your north node is also ruled by your Uranus in the 12th house, but it’s just on your ascendant. This speaks to your behaviour; you should be unpredictable and unexpected. You should push the boundaries on things, play around with your personal style and embrace your weirdness. Whatever is considered weird is just essentially different from the norm — that’s Aquarian energy,” she says, as I nod my head. I feel weird, silly and playful all the time.

She adds, “Your Pluto is in the 11th house in Scorpio. Having a Pluto in the 11th house is such a big deal because you have been tasked with a gift in this world. This gift can be incredibly scary to step into in terms of really owning your power.

“Your deepest desire is essentially centred around dissecting and understanding group consciousness, groups of people and community groups. To really understand the unhealthy power dynamics at play when it comes to group consciousness as well. Now, part of the journey with having Pluto in the 11th house is also about finding a way that you can truly connect to your individuality while also being a part of the group. Be careful not to lose your sense of self within the group dynamic,” she warns. I feel this lesson land fiercely within my heart.

“As a Gemini, it’s easy to float into the happy, light and playful energy, which I can see you have a lot of. Sometimes, however, this is at the cost of the more intense and deep side of your being. You want to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

“You need to surround yourself with groups of people that can hold this vision with you. Those who want to go into these icky, murky areas together so that you can have these deep connections,” she explains, and I think of my close girlfriends and I, who are not afraid to reveal our darkness and humanness to each other. I also think of WILD, the new publication I launched for WellBeing, which discusses topics that aren’t often spoken about.

“It’s important that you reconnect with the more rebellious, revolutionary and quirky aspects of self. While doing so, let go of the aspects of self that are wanting validation from others,” she explains.

Douglas goes on to add, “Anyone who has been born with an Aquarius moon may never fully feel like they fit in, but this is your greatest gift. The Aquarian energy is not meant to fit in. It’s here to set trends, not follow trends. It’s ahead of its time.

“Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo and you have Mercury and Gemini conjunct to your sun in Gemini. This means that you’re a very Mercurial person. You’re ruling the realm of the mind and the intellect, of intelligence and communication. These are your gifts,” she declares, and I hear a smile in her voice.

As we finish our conversation, I thank Douglas for her cosmic wisdom and deep intuition. Her unique and clear way of explaining the planets, moon and sun energies was effortless and profound. With so much to digest, I close the computer feel grateful for technology. Thankfully, our conversation was recorded so I can revisit my soul’s unique blueprint whenever I need some guidance.

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan is the Editor of WellBeing and WILD. She loves surfing, creating raw desserts, flowing through nourishing yoga sequences and spending time with her new pooch, Maribou.

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