Everyone has issues

Something that I hear over and over from people is them wondering whether other people have the same sorts of issues that they have, is what I’m telling you “normal” or have you never heard it before?  Am I a total weirdo and the only one feeling this???

It’s easy to feel you are alone when things are going right and that you are the only one that is facing these problems.  After all when you look around everyone else seems fine, no one else is falling apart, or crying at work or not wanting to leave the house or finding it hard to crack a smile.

Well let me make your day.  People are experts at hiding what is going on with them.  They mask it over with their social face, their work face, their friend face so you cant see what is really lurking beneath it.  And some people are better at it than others.  Some people even almost get past me … almost.

So I’d like to tell you that everyone, that’s right EVERYONE has issues to work on. No one has a perfect life there are always aspects that could be better and it’s the degrees that differ.  Some people will have a fantastic job and look great on paper, like they have it all, yet they feel empty and numb inside, but you’d never know that from looking at them.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and you can see how things are going from the moment you see them. These poor souls feel very vulnerable and unable to hide when things are not going well and they often feel they have more problems than others.

But we all have issues to work on.  Some people cant make relationships work, they either attract the same partner over and over or end up with no partner or in unfulfilling relationships that don’t last.  Some people have great relationships but cant get their career happening, they don’t know what they want to do or cant get a good job.  Some people meander through life where things are ok but don’t feel they can do something spectacular and find their self esteem or joy for life is lacking a bit.

What I find is we all have different paths in life, but we all feel the same sorts of things.  We all want the best for ourselves, we all want to feel good, we all want healthy, happy relationships, we all want rewarding careers, we all want to feel we are receiving what life has to offer, not sitting on the sidelines.  And like anything to get the best of everything we have to work at it.  No one has been born with all of these things in place and if you take the time to look more closely at people you’ll start to see through their masks.  You’ll start to notice how they don’t smile much, or they smile too much overdoing it, or they lack that spring in their step that you thought they had, or their relationship doesn’t look so great on closer look.

It’s important to know that having ups and downs in life is normal and it happens to everyone.  So don’t feel bad about talking to a friend, partner or parent about it.  It will make you feel better and someone might even be able to help you in some way.

Shelley Viskovich

Shelley Viskovich

Shelley Viskovich works with clients across Australia helping them achieve a happier and more fulfilling life on all levels. Her expertise is in the area of change, breakthrough and transformation meaning she has the ability to pinpoint exactly what needs to change in your life and then gives you the tools you need to breakthrough old patterns, transform your life and be who you want to be.

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