Feeling Overwhelmed of Late

I was out for lunch with a girlfriend the other day and our conversation turned to all of the natural disasters that have happened of late. She said, ‘I heard the world is meant to end in 2012 and with all that has happened lately it makes you wonder, maybe it could be true.’ ‘Highly unlikely,’ I replied.

It dawned on me that many people out there would be overwhelmed by the events of late and wondering why it’s happening and perhaps feeling a bit helpless.

When the floods hit Queensland I remember a person explaining to me that its was all so overwhelming as no matter what channel they turned to there was always something about the floods…they just couldn’t escape it.

So today I will list some of the things I recommend people to take and do when life overwhelms them.

  • If you are feeling grief from recent events and become teary needing someone to cuddle you then I would recommend taking the homoeopathic Pulsatilla.
  • If you can’t get to sleep as you find the events so sad that you feel absolutely grief stricken and overwhelmed then I would recommend the homoeopathic Ignatia.
  • If you have been working very hard and come home at night to unwind, literally burning the candle at both ends and cant get to sleep, feel grumpy and need a drink to unwind otherwise its all just a bit too much, then I would recommend the homoeopathic Nux Vomica.
  • If you find you are becoming fearful to the point you worry about something that’s going to happen but not sure what, then I would recommend the flower essence Aspen (fear of the unknown) and the flower essence Mimulus (fear of the known).
  • If you find you are okay until you see others and somehow you just feel a bit down once they start to talk then I would recommend the flower essence Pink Yarrow to help maintain your personal boundaries so you can identify what is your stuff and what is theirs.
  • If you find your anxiety levels are settling in the chest and you are experiencing feelings of constriction in this area then I would recommend the flower essence Yerba Santa. It helps to release the tension held in the heart and chest. Please have chest pain checked by a doctor to rule out anything else.
  • If unfortunately someone you know has been hurt or lost much from the unfortunate events and you are in a state of shock, overwhelmed such a thing could happen then I would recommend the flower essence Star of Bethlehem and the flower essence Arnica.
  • If you are losing the ability to see good in the world and feeling disconnected from your spiritual beliefs then I would recommend the flower essence Sweet Chestnut.
  • If you found since the many crisis on the news that your complaints no matter what they are have worsened then I would recommend Dandelion (the flower essence not the herb). 

Below you will find things to do daily to help 

  • Wearing the essential oil of Lavender on the inside of the wrist, at the base of the skull and on your collar bone. 
  • Smelling the herbs lavender and rosemary each day. You can buy them and keep them in pots ready for daily smelling. Rubbing the leaves lightly releases the essential oils and increases the perfume.
  • Eliminating coffee from the diet along with refined carbohydrates (lollies cakes ect). If world events are over stimulating for you then you certainly don’t need any of these as well.
  • Walking each day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Stop watching any violent or noisy shows or movies. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by these as well.
  • Read an uplifting novel. If you don’t have the spare funds they are free from the library and librarians can always recommend one.
  • Meditating daily – It’s very hard initially but there are a lot of CDs (also from the local library so are free) you can listen to and eventually you will find one you like as there are lots of different meditation styles.
  • Taking a warm bath at night before you go to bed and add lavender oil to the bath. Or have a hot shower (obviously not too hot). Either will heat your body up and once it starts to cool you will feel tired. This is also meant to induce melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone produce by the pineal gland that regulates sleep.
  • Concentrating on breathing slowly in and out counting two on inhale breath and four on the exhale breath. Doing this ten times whilst lying on your back with your knees bent or sitting in a very comfortable position also reduces stress levels.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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