Death and happiness

Death in its many forms is a part of life but it is also linked to sorrow and loss. Without suppressing or denying any of that sorrow, grief can also be an integral and healthy part of your happiness.


Writing and healing

Whether it’s a scrap of paper, a locked journal or a glowing computer screen, if there is a nagging worry that won’t go away, write about it. After all, who better to share your problems with than a blank page?

Coping with grief

Grief is a difficult thing. It overcomes up and feels like it will never end. It’s hard to give into the tears for many reasons be it your gender, where you are or your inability to let go.


How to stay wealthy

The global financial crisis has brought into focus the not-so-almighty dollar. It’s a timely reminder that true safety and comfort comes not from the money in our accounts but the contentment in our hearts.