Healing for Mother’s Day

Mothers’ Day is a day to rejoice motherhood. A time to show our love and appreciation for our mothers.

However this can also be a day filled with sadness and disappointment for those who have lost their mothers to disease or death and for those who have tried to be a mother but not succeeded. And those who have lost a child.

This may be you, or someone you know.

Losing a mother changes your dynamics in life. You lose your archetype in some cases the matriarch of the family. Mother is an energy that encompasses love, compassion, nurture, an understanding of who you are. To lose this you may feel as if someone has chipped away at your emotional foundation.

To lose a child you feel cheated by life. A child is meant to outlive you. to grieve your death. Someone whom you guide and nurture not morn their loss. Leaving you with a silent grief that burns brighter on celebratory days such as Mothers Day.

To be denied the privilege of being a mother can feel as if nature has played some stupid Russian roulette at your expense denying what you felt was your inherent right as a woman.

 So while you sit with the pain or the solace of memories please consider the following.

Flower essences

  • Mustard – for the dark gloomy feelings or when the shadow of grief hovers
  • Buttercup and Larch – to feel and believe in yourself allowing your grief not to define you.
  • Pink Yarrow – To give you the protection from the emotions of others.
  • Bleeding Heart – To release the grief from death
  • Dandelion – when emotions are felt in the body. Such as a tightness in the chest when you think of the loss. (if concerned about your heart please see a doctor)
  • Yerba Sante – If you suffer asthma and it has worsened from the grief or if the grief causes a tightness or heaviness in the chest. (if concerned about your heart please see a doctor)
  • White Chestnut – For the persistent unwanted thoughts that cloud your day.


  • Ignatia – for the release of grief especially if it stops you from sleeping at night. It tempers the tears.
  • Thuja – for persistent insomnia.

Essential Oils

  • Lavender – Helps to quieten the mind. Place a drop on each wrist and at the base of the skull on each side.
  • Marjoram – a few drops on the pillow and then turn the pillow over will help induce sleep
  • Rose – Beautiful essence for the heart chakra releases the tension of grief. Place a drop on the sternum.
  • Jasmine – Reduces anxiety and releases tension. A drop on the sternum.
  • Clary Sage – Elevates the mood. A drop on each wrist and on the sternum.

Most importantly

  • Find somebody to hug you.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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