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One simple exercise to help revive your inner vitality

A new year means everything to a lot of people. It represents a clean slate, a new start, a goodbye to the past and a mysterious adventure ahead.

The new year is a great time to polish the heart and influence the mind to feel lit from within to help start the year aglow — and writing in your journal is a wonderful tool to help with this revitalisation process.

This month, I’m offering a journaling exercise that will be written with your mind and polished with your heart. All you need to do is, while writing with your mind (and by this I mean you’ll still be writing with your hands but your mind’s the driver!), use a visualisation or a physical item to polish your heart’s energy at the same time. This could mean keeping a beautiful crystal, a meaningful memento, a feather or any other tool you adore on the desk or in eyesight to inspire your heart as you write.

We seekers know by now how much our thoughts affect our bodies, health, external energy and experiences we draw in … so find a comfy perch, lay out your beautiful ritual stones, candles, photos or flowers and create your own mantra or affirmation — or be inspired from the mantra and affirmation list below to help you ensure you start the year feeling lit from within.

  • Aham prema / I am love
  • I embrace my stardust
  • I adore me
  • I love the universe and the universe loves me
  • I am open to goodness
  • I embrace the mysteries of life
  • I feel safe
  • I know I am beautiful
  • I feel like a flower
  • I giggle wildly
  • I create a cloud of loving energy
  • I love the sound of my voice
  • I so appreciate my body
  • I thank the world
  • I offer peace to my heart
  • I am ready to accept
  • I am part of everything



Renee Bes

Renee Bes

Renee Bes is an international journalist and author who loves delving into the spiral of energy which keeps our Earth spinning: and believes storytelling with a focus on beloved language and powerful words can be a healing journey. Read more articles on her personal website and blog.

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