Spiritual ritual

What’s your spiritual ritual?

I smirked a little at my former classmate. Life’s quirks and shattered dreams found her buying a magic wand from a lady claiming to provide spells to make all her wishes come true.”You have a wand under your pillow?”

She also bought a metal circle with supposedly special powers – it looked like a tea stand.

I really am open-minded, but this just seemed a little ridiculous and too far from natural intelligence for a 40-something professional lady with her own business.

Later though I wondered, why might a magic wand be any less effective than the sea salt or red clay I regularly use and completely believe in for cleansing, strengthening and protection?

Is it because I believe in the science behind the electrical make-up of nature which cannot compare to plastic?

Or had I forgotten the most important part of a spiritual ritual?


While I didn’t set out to find particular toy ritual tools for my experiment, I stumbled upon them quickly.

First a sparkling plastic bangle in the children’s section at Seed clothing store. I like it so much I put two on my key chain ~ making it so much easier to find my keys in my bag and resolving the daily panic I’ve lost my keys.

Seed also had a colourful magic wand with swirls of tiny flecks of shaped glitter as you move the baton up and down.

At a pop-up Smiggle stationery store I find a shake-up glitter lamp which glows with different colours for about a minute.

I have my stash. Each item so much fun to buy — that alone lifts my spirit, made me smile and enjoy toys I rarely play with anymore.

Now what?

The idea of spiritual rituals is much like the oldest cultural protocols and religions: a belief the intent and performance of a specific ritual — possibly in addition to spoken word or sound — can bring about a change in energy or help to manipulate the change in energy.

A reminder that light travels, moves, changes, can light up a dark spot, then fade as the energy changes back again.

While debate is unending about the etymology of the word abracadabra, it is generally agreed it was used as a charm to ward off negative energy or sickness. Even the word alakazam is often used at the end of an incantation to make a dramatic purport of magical power.

I decide to have fun with these pretty tools and take the ritual just as seriously as I would using herbs, gemstones, salts, clays, sun, water and the myriad of other natural substances I adore.

First, an attempt to flourish the magic wand around my bedroom with an enchantment to bring sweet love and harmony. The words come easily and even rhyme. I then leave the wand on a corner of the bed.

The glitter bangles already feel good and bring ease to my daily life as well as being a sparkly play thing to look at every day.

Finally the magic lamp shake-up in the dark causes me to pause at the glittery lights reflecting off the wall. A reminder that light travels, moves, changes, can light up a dark spot, then fade as the energy changes back again. I shake it again and the dotted lights randomly fall on the wall, the bedside, a box. I marvel how the light can transfer from this plastic toy which seems so unnatural, yet reminds me of everything ancient, organic and divine in our world.

The ritual experiment has begun.

I haven’t smiled this much at having new toys in such a long time — the energy of my spirit is already changing.

Because just the intention to bring change or good energy into our lives really does have just that effect.

Warmest Renee

Disclaimer: this blog post is intended as a beautiful and thought-provoking article for entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for medical care.  No representations are made as to the completeness of any information and the author is not liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the use of this information.

Renee Bes

Renee Bes

Renee Bes is an international journalist and author who loves delving into the spiral of energy which keeps our Earth spinning: and believes storytelling with a focus on beloved language and powerful words can be a healing journey. Read more articles on her personal website and blog.

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