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Wanderlust Total Reset : Revive your body and mind

Wanderlust has been powering globally renowned wellness events and developing and sharing industry-leading mindfulness, movement and nutritional content since 2009. Complementing this, Wanderlust has crafted a range of clean supplements that are designed to enhance your wellness rituals.

When life is in full swing, making the time to prioritise your personal health can be a challenge. But we all know that by committing to daily movement practice and fuelling your body with healthy, nourishing foods, you reap benefits that go far beyond just the physical. So, we have crafted a course that will help you hit reset to embrace new habits while feeling fully supported along the way.

It’s simple; it’s effective — and the best part? It’s free! The Wanderlust 14-Day Reset Guide combines three pillars — yoga, nutrition and functional health advice — alongside naturally potent herbal supplements.

Harnessing the wisdom and expertise of our Wanderlust guide Janet Stone, Will Cole and Sarah Todd, this course has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

Each day you will have the opportunity to practise 20 minutes of at-home yoga with Janet and enhance your breakfast repertoire with simple and incredibly delicious plant-based recipes designed by MasterChef finalist Sarah Todd.

Over the 14 days, you will have access to a number of mini webinars hosted by Will Cole on supporting gut health, the effects of stress on the body and how important it is to detox.

So are you ready to reset? JOIN HERE FOR FREE!


In case you’re not motivated enough already, here are three signs you need to hit the reset button:

  • You are feeling mentally fatigued and are seeking a clearer state of mind.
  • Feeling stuck or stagnant with your movement routine or finding it hard to commit to a daily practice.
  • Your commitment to healthy nutrition habits is waning, and you seek inspiration to get it back on track.

If you join the FREE 14-day Total Reset today, you will be able to enjoy

Daily Vinyasa yoga classes with Janet Stone

Expert advice on gut health with Will Cole

Daily plant-based breakfast recipes with Sarah Todd

For more information, you can download the Wanderlust 14-Day Reset Guide HERE!

Meet your herbal supplements support team.

Elevate your Total Reset experience with cold-pressed liquid herbal supplements. Our trio has been hand-selected to help support you throughout the reset as you detox your mind and body.

Wnderlust Trio
Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Join the FREE 14-day Total Reset for a 30% discount on Wanderlusts Total Reset Trio.

Download the Wanderlust Total Reset Guide for a treasure trove of carefully curated resources to empower and guides you on a 14-day Total Reset, including:

Wanderlust 14 day total reset insert

The Wanderlust 14-Day Total Reset Guide is necessary if you want to sign up for Wanderlust’s Free 14-day Total Reset. The Wanderlust Total Reset Guide is your key to unlocking a world of wellness, self-discovery, and limitless potential. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to reset, revitalize, and embark on a journey of true fulfilment.

Lauren Mckeller

Lauren Mckeller

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Wellbeing & Eatwell Cover Image 1001x667 2023 06 09t102015.101

Wanderlust Total Reset : Revive your body and mind

Meet Wanderlust, The Brand That's Revolutionising Wellness

Meet Wanderlust, the brand that’s revolutionising wellness