Meet Wanderlust, The Brand That's Revolutionising Wellness

Meet Wanderlust, the brand that’s revolutionising wellness

Over the past 20 years, Wanderlust has been collaborating with world leaders in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and holistic health to offer a new approach to wellness. The brand is now on a mission to revolutionise the vitamin and supplement industry with a range of plant-active, herbal-led supplements, consciously created to help elevate your health.

We chat to Radek Sali, the new director of Wanderlust, to learn more about the future of wellness and how you can find your true north.

What inspired you to take over Wanderlust?
Naturally, I have always been inspired by the Wanderlust community’s unwavering passion for wellness. I had the experience of working with Wanderlust as a sponsor in its early days, and I could see its potential and how transformational the events were for attendees. So when the opportunity presented itself, it was great to be in a situation where we could partner up with Wanderlust to take it to the next level.

Wanderlust’s mission is to “find your true north”. What does this mean?
“Find your true north” honours that one’s best self isn’t a destination — it’s a journey.

The meaning behind this is that we believe people are innately seekers, chasing purpose, moving towards an elusive goal to be and feel our best. The journey changes as we do, and so we wander — not because we are uncomfortable, but because we will not accept complacency. This innate desire to travel or roam within our consciousness inspired Wanderlust’s “finding your true north” mission.

What does a typical Wanderlust event look like?
The beauty of Wanderlust is it’s anything but typical.

Through our breathtaking festivals and transformational experiences, we bring together leading practitioners in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and holistic health to support people worldwide to find their true north at our events. I have to say the power of 3000-odd people meditating together for 20 minutes is just extraordinary.

While each type of event varies, you will always find a movement practice, entertainment, good food, inspiring speakers and music. It’s a celebration of conscious living and connection at its finest.

Please tell us about Rise with Wanderlust.
Rise is a new Wanderlust event we’ve designed to bring our conscious community back together. After the displacement of lockdowns, we’re all craving human connection like never before. So we aim to “Rise” together with this mindful morning series to cultivate connection and experience emerging talent and artists while nurturing body and mind.

Rise will tour around Australia, in unexpected locations — living true to our name Wanderlust, celebrating the spirit of exploration. Each Rise event is tailored to each unique location but will always include a grounding meditation, empowering yoga flow and inspiring guest speaker, and finish with a nourishing vegan brunch together.

Most importantly, we want our community to feel uplifted and inspired to continue their practice when they leave, as we believe self-care benefits more than just yourself but for society at large.

When can we expect to see a Rise event?
The first Wanderlust Rise event will take place in Melbourne on September 12 to celebrate World Mindfulness Day. To see when a Wanderlust event will be near you, sign up to our newsletter at to keep up with the latest event news.

Please tell us more about the range of wellness supplements.
Inspired by this spirit of exploration, our mission continues with a range of herbal-led supplements and plant-active wholefoods.

We’re excited to disrupt the market with a range Australians have been seeking — 100 per cent vegan, no fillers, responsible packaging and made here in Australia.

The herbal-led formulations combine a selection of organic, all-natural ingredients with every Wanderlust product consciously created with intelligence and purpose, so you can positively support yourself and the planet. The range offers liquid herbal extracts, vegan capsules and powders tailored to support specific health needs.

How do you live a conscious, mindful life?
Meditation for 20 minutes twice per day is my non-negotiable; I don’t leave it up to chance to feel my best. And to be honest, I really look forward to my meditating practice as I don’t feel like my day is complete without it. I work out in the gym at least four times a week, practise yoga three times, eat at east 70 per cent fruit and veg along with my daily supplement regime, which just got so much better supported by our Wanderlust products.

Wanderlust has been inspiring and empowering personal wellness since 2001. What’s your vision for the future?
Everyone talks about the personal impact of the wellness journey, but what makes us excited about the future with Wanderlust is the collective impact we can have by prioritising taking care of ourselves. It has a positive ripple effect on everyone around you — we see our products, content and events as an essential part of that journey.

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Georgia Nelson

Georgia Nelson

Georgia Nelson is a journalist based on the South Coast of NSW, currently acting as the deputy editor at EatWell, and the features writer at WellBeing and WILD. She has a penchant for sustainable beauty, slow fashion and feminist literature.

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Meet Wanderlust, The Brand That's Revolutionising Wellness

Meet Wanderlust, the brand that’s revolutionising wellness